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Slow Labour at 22weeks

Im really scared iv been in hospital but the doctors and midwifes dont seem to be listening this is my second baby so i no what labour feels like and im getting contractions every 20mins just don't no what to do.


  • might just be practice ones.doctors and midwifes never listen and they should
  • Maybe just strong practice ones as this is your second? Did they monitor you in the hospital or just send you away? If you are really worried, keep going back until they do monitor you hun.

    Hope all is well and that everything settles down. xx

  • They did an internal but my cervix r closed so they sent me home they said they carnt listen in 2 the baby till im 24weeks and when had my daughter i was in slow labour for 2weeks and it feels the same.
  • God you must be so worried. I really dont know what to suggest hun. Have you seen your mw or just the hospital ones? You might get more sympathy from your own mw? Good luck hun. Really feel for you. xx

  • I hope everything is ok in the end honey xx
  • keep on at them hun,dont wanna worry u uneccessarily but i lost my 1st baby at 23 weeks after my waters broke n i went into early labour.I have had strong braxton hicks this time but they usually go off so if urs rnt get back to the hospital n put ur foot down,good luck really hope everythings ok,hanna 35 wks xxx
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