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child very clingy with me

hi can anybody help with some advice my son is 18 months old and is very clingy wth me. if i am in the house he will only be with me and not his dad, and i feel awful for my husband. he won't go to him for cuddles that much either. we are planning to have another baby and i don't want the same thing to happen again. when they are on their own and i am out or at work they are great together, but its once i am in the house he does't bother with his daddy then.
can anybody help



  • Hi my son has got really clingy with me as well, he's still exactly the same as he's always been with his dad but i've noticed lately that he wants to be with me all the time. My oh has just started a new job and is working alot more hours, so its just me and my son for 12 hours a day 6 days a week (i work part time at night) Im due to have our second child in July, so really want him to get used to having to share my attention. I have jrecently enrolled him at nursery 2 afternoons a week, so he can get used to other children and i also take him to book club, jingle jangles and messy monsters that are all run at my local sure start centre. He seems to be coming out of his self now and getting used to other people being around and taking my attention(is there a sure start in your area?) i know they are trying to get one in every area by 2010. check it out x
  • Hi, my dd is now 28mths but started getting clingy at 18mths. I did a technique from a book i read. While your at home and after plenty of cuddles say mummy is going upstairs (or wherever )and I'll be back in one minute. Then go (even if they cry) and then come back straight away and give a cuddle and a kiss. Then keep doing it until they cope with one minute then keep going for two mins three mins and so on. Apparently they get to this age and don't understand that you will come back every time. Also the book said never sneak away from your child even if they don't notice you have gone cos when the do realise this can instill in them you may go at any time and never come back that's why they cling to make sure you never leave them .sorry for going on but it really worked for me and now I can take her anywhere, we have a big goodbye and as long as she knows when I will be back there's no more clingy esp at home. xx
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