Birthday Present

It's my birthday and did I open the most wonderful gift today?

There are loads of sites out there at the moment who are doing finger print jewellery, but my husband came across a site who has just developed a new technique to put the actual hand or foot print onto the jewellery instead.

OH had bought me a charm bracelet for christmas and he asked them to make charms for me to be able to attach them onto my bracelet which they had never done before as it was so small, they were worried it wouldn't look quite right (they advertised for pendants and keyrings only).

But they needn't have worried because they are so charming and I can honestly say, I couldn't have asked for a more precious gift...

I'm one happy and lucky birthday girl...


  • Lucky you! What's the company name?
    I have had my LO's hands and footprints taken, had them put onto a money box and even had them made into a 3D cast, but not hand any jewellery yet. Might have to look into. ;\)
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