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where is the baby?!

Hi mums and bumps
I had a bit of a nightmare day yesterday. I had to take Abby my 4 year old to see the nurse and while we were there Abby asked the nurse if she could hear the baby's heartbeat so the nurse said yes we were her last paitents for the morning clinic and she got her doppler out etc etc but couldnt find the heartbeat, so she called the dr in and he tried and he couldnt find it either. I wasnt too worried because I had only felt the baby move an hour before but it was still a bit unsettling. So the dr said to go home and to come back in a couple of hours which I did and he found the heartbeat within seconds! So must have just been the way the baby was lying..little monkey.
Anyway, the dr said that the baby was quite low down and when he found the heartbeat the doppler was just above my pubic bone but all the kicks I feel are all either around my belly button or above it, sometimes they're a bit lower but more often than not it around my belly button. So where is the baby?! I'm 23 weeks tomorrow, surely the baby isnt long enough yet to have its head in my pubic bone but its arms and legs near my belly button? I dont understand! Does the doppler have to be on the baby's chest for them to get the heartbeat?
Sorry this is a bit of a rambling post but I'm a bit confused!


  • Hi, I know that my baby is now head down but back to back with me and this can cause a few problems when trying to listen to the heartbeat as the chest is further away from the doppler. Tammi xxx
  • mine kicks really low down! always to the side aswell, i love feeling the kicks with my hand but when she wriggles or moves something across me it feel so weird with ur hand!! sometimes i move my hand away cos it feels so werid but i still love it!! xx
  • The baby is pretty long now! I ll be 23 weeks tomorrow, and sometimes I feel kicks/punches (dunno which way he is .. when i had my 20 week scan, he was butt down, but i think he s turned now) down in my lady buts and up around my belly button .. I d say the little baby is all over the place :P:P
  • im 23 weeks and i feel kicks and movements near my pubic bone my baby is lying across my stomach but ive started to feel the baby closer to my belly button so i think babys just move any way they can get to
  • Hi carleybarley, when I was your stage I posted a very similar post. I could only hear hb on right side right above pubic bone, but kicks were really low down on either left or right side. Now I feel the kicks/punches all over but still hear hb in exactly same place. I didn't really get a definitive answer cos everyone is different! The main thing is, whatever way lo is lying, still lots of time to move into right position.
  • Wow I didnt know baby was that long yet! I just read something on another site about it and apparently its now the same length as a barbie doll! So I took one of my daughters barbies and held it up against my bump lol. Its long enough for its head to be in my pubic bone and legs above my belly button so I suppose it is possible for it to kick high up.
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