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birth plan help!!!

im stuck!!!
i need to do my birth plan the last time i saw the midwife she said to get my skates on lol

the bit im really stuck on is what position do i want to give birth in???? i dont bloody know!!!!

what is the best position to b in??? is one position more painful than others????

what else do i need to put in there i know who i want with me, as 4 pain relief im pretty open minded and willing to go with the flow put what should i write 4 that????

help in confused!!!

vicky 38+3


  • Hi vicky

    I am sure there is a birth plan on here under the birth section (not the forum). Our NCT teacher advises to go in with as flexible a plan as possible, bearing in mind that you don't know what might happen. For example, mine will be to get the baby out, in as quick a time as possible with the least amount of pain. My understanding is that as long as your birth partner understands your wishes and can convey them in your place, there isn't actually a real need to write anything down. (I have heard quite often they don't even ask when you go in anyway!)
    Hope this helps.
    Mel x
  • hi. it is best to keep an open mind pain relief, put that you would keep an open mind but would like to try gas and air maybe? as for positions in labour and giving birth it is best to just go with the flow as labour can be very unpredictable. i must say that it is best to keep as mobile and upright as possible having rests in betwen. you couyld try a birthing ball these are great for keeping up right but you are resting at the same time.
    it is a good idea to have a general plan as if go in to hosp in a good labour you may not beable to say what you want and it just gives the mw looking after you a little idea of your wishes in labour and birth. i always call mine a wish list. just try to be open minded about it all. it is important to put in your wishes for when baby is delivered - on to you or cleaned first, dad to cut cord, vitamin k injection, 3rd stage placenta delivery. these are all things to consider as well.
    hope this helps. i have had 5 babies so have done a few plans along the way. take care and good luck with the birth.xx
  • thanks pen
    just wanted to ask also if anyone has the baby cleaned up first or not. not sure what i want it seems a lil rude to say i dont want my baby until she is clean or is that normal????

    where did people have their baby delievered on to breast, belly or cleaned first etc etc???
  • thanks for that tip zoey thats my biggest fear!!!
  • hey hun ive just posted on due in may, i asked for my lo to be wrapped up before i held her as i didnt like the thought of all of me on her if you know what i mean i had an image i was going to poo lol tmi so didnt want that leaving on her lol (i didnt tho) it is better to keep your birth plan as open minded as poss mine went nothing to plan except for what they could keep too i.e vitimin K etc Good luck xx
  • again thank u sophie and i hope ur not waiting too long now for ur LO xxx
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