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finger foods

possibly a silly question but been wondering whether or not i can give evie any finger foods when she's still all gums no teeth? is there anything she could munch on without choking or whatever or should i wait till teeth come through? xx


  • I gave my lo finger foods when he had no teeth. I gave his some mini rice cakes which he would suck on then they would break up easily in his mouth. He chokes on these now as he has teeth he bites a huge chunk and doenst bother sucking it so it gets stuck, very scary! You could try cucumber sticks, i also use organix finger food sweetcorn rings/carrot sticks (they are like crisps and are suitable from 6 months i think).

  • I give Ruby the same as HappyMama as finger food and squares or the crust of wholemeal toast, that she loves to stuck on. I do have to watch her like a hawk though, and fish out big bits with my finger! lol

  • Hi I give Kara toast and also some carrot sticks by Organix.
  • i give fin all sorts he has no teeth but still comps his way through what i give him they have tough gums so can chew well still he has biscutes rice cakes carrot cucumber the odd chip toast the organix crisp things pasta peas sweetcorn just to name a few
  • i give Lexie rusks and toast and she loves them bothimage
  • i give the girls a few different things now and they are 8months and have no teeth.
    they have a froozen banana, i take it out of the freezer a few minutes before to let deforst a bit. they love it, i havent brought any of those plastic fruit handle things yet so i just freeze the banana with the skin, peel it back a bit when giving it to them and i hold it for them to suck as its really cold. but onced its started to deforst more i let them hold and its well messy but its also good for their gums.
    i also give wholemeal bread, those baby rice cakes that are from 6months, melon and i gave a boiled new potato with the skin taken off to tatum the other day she wasnt too sure and i also tried her with a piece of tomato i sucked all the seeds out and took the skin off, it was cool on her gums i think she liked it. yesterday i spent alot of time in the kitchen cooking up aload of different thing and i made them my own fruit ice lollies. i just used some tesco ice lolly cubes i brought them last summer for a ??1 for a tray of 6. i made mango ones, mango and strawberry, mango strawberry and banana, and then i made mango strawberry banana and black berry. they watch me when i get an ice lolly so i thought these would be a great fun way for them to have fruit and the handle are big enough for them to hold.
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