Hi l saw a mw at 6wks, booking in at 10 wks, after scan at 12 wks then didnt see mw till 22 wks and my nxt apooint is in 4wks time and this is my 1st child. I think it varies area to area but l feel abit disappointed with the system x Laura 28+2


  • I wouldn't worry I'm pg with my first and had an appt at 10 weeks, 15 weeks and today at 28+3. xxx
  • I am also on my second and saw the midwife at 5/6 weeks to book scans, at 18 weeks and then at 28 weeks. She was concerned about babies growth so I got an extra visit at 31 weeks and then 34 weeks. I also had a scan at 14 weeks and 21 weeks and my booking appointment at the hospital at 16 weeks. I think it is normal to see them a lot less second time round.
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