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Had my scan...

Still none the wiser!!!! She did a tummy one at first and copuldnt see anything so i had to have an internal one....her first worry was an she had a good look at my overies....which showed i ov'ed out of my right one....then she looked at my womb and said my lining is very quick and certainly looks ready for a pg..and their was a little black hole there which she said is where the baby would be but its to early to show up on my scan...she checked my blood result and then it all became clear my levels started out at 10 and she said they need to be at least 1000 for them to pick it up on the i had repeat bloods done today and depending on those 2morrow il then go bk for a scan in 2weeks.....I feel a bit better as that puts me line with when i ov'ed this month but im back a wk at 4.4days! xxxxxx


  • aww sorry you didnt really get any answers hun. At least there were some positive signs. Hope you get more of an idea at the next one.
  • It's a shame you've come away without a proper answer hun, hopefully at your next scan you'll be able to see the tiny little baby and if you're going to be 6.4 days, you might even get to see the heartbeat.

    I'm sure everything's fine, I'll be thinking of you for your next scan, I know how it feels to have to wait, I've been there!

    Good luck xxx

  • woomummy, i am a firm believer in no news = good news, hopefully baby will be established at the next scan for them to give you a definate. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you x

    Joanna 31 weeks
  • Hey girls thanks for you replies, thats really nice sarah, all the better knowing someones there for a chat, and im glad i helped you hunny, i still cant believe ur guna meet ur bubba any day now, it only seems like yesterday than u got ur bfp!!!

    Tequila, did u have spotting too, and an early scan?? Since i had the internal one ive had a really sore tummy, and the brown cm has gone a coppery of course im now worrying even more, cant win really!!! Jus wondering if u could tell me ur experience xxxx

  • I did and it worried me so much, I actually thought I'd go for a scan and there'd be no baby there.

    The spotting actually started a week before I got my bfp and it turned out I had a really bad UTI. I was suffering with really bad cramps and felt really uncomfortable, I didn't know if I needed to go to the loo for a wee or the 'other' lol The day after I got my bfp I went to the doc and he felt my tummy, didn't seem too concerned that I was bleeding but offered to book me in for an early scan anyway.

    As I was only 4+4 it was too early for epu to scan me so Doc told me to phone back in a week if I was still bleeding and having the cramps. I phoned back exactly a week later when I found red blood after going to the toilet, I was panicking like crazy and managed to get a scan booked for the same day.

    I went for my scan and the mw was rather abrupt, she basically told me it was too early to see anything and that if there was nothing on the screen she would need to give me a pregnancy test to see if I was still pg. There was a black outline on the screen which was the yolk sac but they couldn't see anything inside. I had to go back 2 weeks later to be re-scanned to see if the baby had developed.

    Those 2 weeks were the longest of my life and I was happy when, about a week later, I actually stopped bleeding. When I went for my next scan at 8.5 weeks a tiny baby could be seen and a very strong heartbeat was detected (this scan pic is on my facebook). I'm now almost 15 weeks and even though I'm still suffering with terrible nausea, baby seems to be developing well.

    I have another scan in 2 weeks time as I'm under the care of a consultant (this is unrelated - just so I don't worry you) and I can't wait to see him/her again.

    Bleeding in early pregnancy is very common, though any bleeding should be checked out. I don't think you have anything to worry about hunny.

  • Thanks for your story hunny gives me hope, im actually suffering from a uti its hard to know whats pg cramps and what isnt at the moment, im really hoping everything is ok, and ive got to take some positivity from what she did manage to see....its funny, because when i had my mc in dec, from the moment i got my bfp i knew the pg was going to go wrong not sure why but i did....but this time i just feel like things are guna work out....just hope im right!! Heres to the longest 2wks ever....just hoping this nasty brown cm goes so i can feel a bit better....and my bloods come bk good 2morrow, once thats over i can concentrate on waiting for my scan date xxxxxxx
  • Hi Woomummy

    Just wanted to say glad things are continuing to go well but sorry to hear you now have a two week wait until the next scan. At least your HCG levels are rising that's really good news! Try to hang on to that.

    I heard that you can sometimes have spotting at the time when you would have had your periods - could this be the cause of yours as you are about the time when you would have had your period?

    Keeping my fingers crossed that things keep going well x x x
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