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Public Property...?

Te he, im actually laughing at this one, becuase its all so true.

The Director of the company I work for (wellthere are three of them, but the TOPDOG so to speak..) is the only person who has not congratulated me or offered some sort fo comment about my pregnancy, having known for nearly 7 weeks!! until today that is....... He suddenly came out with.....

'you have put on a lot of weight really quickly havent you.... waist? what waist? you havent got a waist..... are you sure its not twins.........well at least you are looking pregnant now, thats definitely a pregnancy bulge"

and other such comments. well it actually made me laugh, but i think more at the cheek of it... the guy barely talks unless its about himself!!! I think things like that would normally piss me right off, but today... te he he

can't wait for the sequel tomorrow...:lol:


  • bearing in mind that i am a midwife, when i was pregnant with my first, the week i finished (about 35-6 wks, something like that!), one of the registrars watched me stand up, then said "Nicki, are you pregnant?"
    to say i was stunned was an understatement! my god, this guy was an obstetrician!! his job was all about pregnant ladies!! i'd been working with him for the last god knows how many months!!

    needless to say when i went in to be induced, i made damn sure he wasn't on duty!!!

    let us know what else he can come up with tomorrow, and see how much deeper he can dig that hole - it could be very interesting Lisajo!!!

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  • shame he is very slim else i could have used the....'im pregnant, whats your excuse..' line.

    lol, he is right tho... since i was 7 weeks and had health check at the gym, i have put a grand total of 12cm (about 5inches) round my waist. now 17 weeks.

    lmao at the obs reg, how dim they can be hey...
  • ha ha ha that is too funny
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