Group B Strep

hey all

Im 36 weeks pregnant and been reading (and probably winding myself up!) about GBS.

How common is it that your baby will be infected? has anyone been tested and if so how do you go about getting checked?

Or is it best to just leave things as they are - surely if it was that common midwifes and GPs would test for it?????


  • hi i got screened at 35 weeks after being in hospital with bad stomach pains which was unrelated in the end. the thought i had an infection so screened for gbs at same time. had a appt couple of days later and was told i was a carrier and that i would need antibiotics at delivery. My son was monitored closely just in case i passed ot on but he was ok. The dont routinely screen becaus eof cost and supposidely it only shows at a certain point in pregnancy. My friend brought a test over internet and sent it back to private company.Im preg with my 2nd and have been told il be screened again later on in my pregnancy. The leaflet scared the hell out of me and i spent last 4weeks panicking. The midwives and dr know what theyre looking for in babies. try not to worry ,hope this helps laura x
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