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In limbo and I HATE it!!!

Hi girls.

Well today I am on CD27, 13DPO and now approx. 3-4 days late. The only 'possible' symptoms I've had are:

Bunged up nose, sneezing and being generally very sniffly and snotty.
Cat laying on my tummy and paddling.
Have had two bad waves of nausea.
Upset tummy for about 10-days now, when I eat something.
Quite bad headaches.
Didn't get my normal sore boobs straight after ovulating. They are getting sore now, but a different sore to past months, they feel heavy and more tender.
Cervix is still low and feels open, but I read online it doesn't go high and closed until 6-8 weeks ish?
Do feel a bit 'wetter' down there but my CM is creamy and there isn't that much really.
The last time I tested was yesterday morning, and got BFN (I was a FOOL and used one of my two remaining CBDs as well!!!)
Have had about 6 BFNs and 1 evap line!

Don't want to get my hopes up but it is so hard!!! I know I am just setting myself up for disappointment. I'm going out to buy another pack of tests today and will test 2moro if no AF - 14DPO. On Thursday I have a Dr's appointment so if nothing by then, I will ask for a blood test. Dr is normally pretty good so I hope she will oblige. My only other concern is that I started taking vitamin B6 which I read online is good for sorting out luteal phase problems - you might remember me posting that I was worried mine was getting continually shorter. Could this have already affected me and therefore is what is causing the extension to my normally VERY short cycles?

I hate this, I hate it, I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Oh love, come on chin up you don;t know for sure if you are not preg yet? You have had no AF so you just don;t know. I really would say though and this sounds easier than it is i know but you must stop testing. Wait till the day your AF is due, is that tomorrow? And then test even then it may not show up so you need to just try and wait till af comes. I would say give it a week at a time rather than a couple of days if you can, as this will stop you getting upset if it is a BFN.

    K xx
  • I agree with k, wait a week or so b4 testing again. If no af and still no bfp, maybe ask gp for a blood test?

    Until then: 2 fingers to limboland! Make "no af = still hope!" your mantra and repeat it every time you feel pma slipping! good luck hun x
  • Remember, its not all over until AF comes to stay.

    I tested on Saturday BFN and am trying not to poas again. Let's both try to resist until Wednesday. Fancy trying to hold out together? I won't do it until you do.
  • Joo - I know exactly how you feel and you do feel in limbo with no control which for a control freak like me is very stressful! What I find eases things is to do a mental 'what if I am and what if I'm not' list. Sounds stupid I know but I have another week of the 2ww and so I am thinking to myself - If I'm not then I can drink at my brother's party on 20th June & DH and I can book our trip to NY at Christmas, which would both be good. But if I am then I will be over the moon (even more than the prospect of a trip to NY!) and I imagine when I would tell people. So both ways you have something to look forward to. I don't think it hurts to get your hopes up a little and you always know that next month you are getting another chance and the probablility of you getting pg gets a little more likely. Try and hold off testing until later in the week so you save your tests too. 14 days dpo is still early and my friend went to the doc on 20 days dpo and the line was still only very faint then.

    Smile - it isn't over for you this month yet so there's still hope! xx
  • K-lou... AF was due last Friday!!! But then my cycles have been random for the last few months so I just don't know exactly.

    I'll try and not test, but its hard not too!

    Thank you for my mantra babybump - will try hard to recite this and not test but I don't have a lot of willpower!!!!
  • SarahW - that is such good advice! I'm going to make a list. Number 1, the expensive dress I bought for two summer weddings will still fit for my cousin's winter wedding if I'm not pregnant.

    If I am: I can buy some maternity clothes!
  • i would try and stay positive, hopefully you ov'd later or your luthel phase is sorting itself out! which means your one step closer to that BFP!!
    my friend was nearly 10 wks gone before she got a BFP, but she just knew, so there is still hope honey!!
  • That's the kind of reasoning we like Flush30! It sounded silly when I was writing it but it has really helped me stay positive. Hope it works for you too! xx
  • If I'm not...
    - I can ride all the scary rides I want on our Florida trip in 3 weeks!
    - I can drink on our Florida trip!
    - I can take valium to calm my bad flyer nerves!

    If I am...
    - Hubby and I can save ??'s at a forthcoming wedding we're going to because we can stay in cheaper accommodation away from the main venue because I will be driving! Also save on drink costs for me.
    - Will I be able to fit into the outfit I've bought for two weddings - 2.5 months away?! That's a good thing tho!
    - I can tell my Dad on Father's Day and hubby's Dad they are going to be Grandad's!
    - I can get hubby a Father's Day card!

    Its hard to write the IF I AM piece, because if I am, I'd be pregnant and that's just the BEST THING EVER isn't it!!!
  • If I'm not: I can drink cocktails in Vegas in August and still look hot in my bikini

    If I am: I can start getting excited about not having a flat stomach
  • I know Joo - when I'm telling myself it will be a good thing to not be pg this month as then I can go to NY I know that I'd give it up in a second to be pg! But it's some consolation and I don't want to feel like I've put my life on hold whilst trying. Everyone says that it happens when you least expect it so I am trying to teach my brain not to expect it!! xx
  • If I'm not: my cat will enjoy its continuing status as official baby substitute!

    If I am: I need never worry about getting a seat on the train again.

    SarahW - this game is brilliant! You're a genius. Joo - loving your list.
  • I second the cat thing Flush!!!
    I do worry about Hugo and Sassy feeling left out when baby arrives home - so the longer I am not pregnant, the longer they have my full and only attention!!!
    (course I'd rather have a baby tho!!!)
  • Its so silly isn't it? But I think the cat encourages it. She answers when I call her Furry Baby, which I think is very silly of her!
  • Great game - i do this in my head all the time too image

    If I'm not:
    I can drink at my best friend's wedding in a couple of weeks
    I will fit in my bridesmaids dress at end of August
    We can book a holiday to visit a friend in the Seychelles 8\)

    If I am:
    I can have my bridesmaids dress cut empire line!
    I can buy maternity clothes (I've been looking forward to this all my life! Yes i am sad and weird)
    oh and did i mention I WILL BE PREGNANT!!!!??? image
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