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I am in a mood today ;-(

Hi girls

I want to moan. I have had a rubbish morning did not sleep well again last night and now i am soo tired as some of you know i was really sick and hung-over on Sunday and not really had any sleep since Friday night.

Also i am boiling and the air con is not working here my boss is in a mood today so i am trying to keep out of his face, and hubby has just text me to say that he really thinks we need to get ourselves out of some debt we got ourselves in for the wedding and is going to get a second job.

I know thats a good idea for money but i feel awful as he worked hard enough as it is. i will get a second job if he does as well it's not fair to have just him doing that.

k xx


  • aaaaw honey!

    your hubby sounds amazing if he is considering getting a 2nd job to pay off your wedding debt - bless him.

    not sure I can say anything else to help but wanted to send you a feel better hug. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you, he is a very sweet man thats what makes me feel so bad as well that he would do that I don't want him working two jobs you know.

    I LOVE your picture hee hee you must be over the moon honey I can't wait to feel that feeling image

  • You will honey and I can't wait for you to get it either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • oh k poor thing, ive been in the same position honey, me and OH got in loads of debt just from overdrafts and loans and credit cards etc that it just got so on top of us, we decided to get a loan to cover it all in feb and we now pay of ??200 a month and are able to save ??200 - ??300 a month, so you can get there honey just takes time, good luck babe xxxx
  • Sorry you're in a mood, I know how you feel. We need to move and my oh suggested that we might have to put off trying for a baby if we have to go for a bigger place, which I obviously don't want to do. So today I am also in a mood.
  • ahhh thank you girls, i think today as i have not had much sleep everything is upsetting me. I did not even want o bd last night it was taking a while and i was like lets just leave it- now trust me that is not me lol

    I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed I think and am wishing my life away today.

    I am confused as well as ( i am going to talk about cm again lol) you know i am due to ov this friday but as we bd last night i am not sure whats going on when i check. It's now just wet and clear/white though not stringy really?? Do you think this is still some of his you know what?? Sorry thats really gross?

    But if we bd every day now how will i know if i get EWCM?

    k xx
  • Oh honey image Sorry you're having a rubbish day!

    Sometimes it all just gets too much, doesn't it? Your hubby is a sweet one, getting a second job. My hubby said he would get a second job (got to get a first one first) if we ever needed the money, like if I were to be pregnant.

    (bug hugs to you)

    Oh, and re the EWCM - just keep BD'ing!!
  • Thank you i am very lukcy to have him but i do feel awful he will be working a second job bless him. i told him I was upset that he had to do this and said I would also get a second job this is what he wrote:

    Oh bubba, please don't be upset, we will talk more about this at lunch ok, but I don't want you to have to work a second job as well, that's the whole reason I am doing it, I have some valid reasons (other than male pride), but I will tell them to you at lunch ok gorgeous J

    I don't know, the easiest thing I suppose is to try to get a job in a shop - like Tesco's or Sainsbury's or something like that you know? But we'll have to see, I mean that my not be possible as they may not be hiring, they may have a long waiting list for jobs, not have the hours I want etc etc. I am determined to do this though - if just for a while, so we can get rid of some debts and get some money in the baby fund, plus also IF, and that's a big if, I'm still doing this when the bubba is born we may be ok for money each month, which would mean that you wouldn't have to go back to work so quickly, which would mean that you'll be home with our child for a whole year, which is REALLY important to me, and I know it is to you as well my darling. It could be tight still, but it would mean that we wouldn't be falling ??300 short each month and we'd be able to cope you know?

  • Poor K-Lou - you sound overtired and thoroughly fed up.

    Try not to worry and wait to see what your OH says. Look after yourself x
  • Awww, he is a poppet image

    See what he says at lunchtime x x
  • I know I swear i have never felt this tired before. Sat night when I was sooo sick through drink i had about 3 hours sleeps then sunday night I had about 5 which was broken and then last night i was still laying there awake gone 2am and then was up at 6am.

    You know when you are really fed up and tired and you just want to cry that is just how i feel.

    k xx
  • Oh K Lou, you sound exhausted. Don't rush into another job - you sound like you need to sleep not work harder!!! Don't worry, you'll feel better when you get a good night's sleep. As for money - maybe you could spend less rather than earning more. Its amazing how much you can save when you put your mind to it. xx
  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so down K-Lou. What happened to the PMA you have been so full off? I know things seem tough sweetie but you have a loving husband who is willing to work as hard as he can for you and he sounds like an absolute doll. Having a baby is just as important to him as it is to you and he wants to do his bit by making things financially easier for you both.

    I think the tiredness is linked to stress and to coming off the pill. I have had a bugger of a 3 months since March and it is only now I feel I am coming out the other side! I was the same as you - waking up every night and having the worst dreams - but I think it is just that we are thinking sooo much about our futures at the moment and what part a new baby will play in that. I woke up one night asking DH what we would do with the spare bed that's in the room we would use for a baby. He laughed and said I was getting ahead of myself as we weren't even pg! I have been stressing myself out over the little things that will work themselves out as these things do.

    On the funny side, you have me totally obsessing about CM too and I check it at least 5 times a day! Once was yesterday in our bedroom and god only knows what anybody looking in would have thought!! The EWCM will come and if it doesn't, as someone else said, keep bding and then it will all happen for you I know it. Do a list for yourself saying 'If I don't get pregnant this month then I can ......' and keep that in mind so you don't get too disappointed. If you don't do it this month, you increase your chances for next month.

    I'm sharing all my PMA with you as I know you'll get yours back soon!

    S xx
  • Thank you, yes your very right i have told hubby I would rather us sell things or cut things out so we can save more. There is so many things we have we dont; use you know or have hardly used so i am sure we could sell them.

    Though he says we will never get the money back we paid for them.

    k xx
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