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more re good night milks!

I have beeen all round town today looking for hipp organic good night milk i looked in tescos,boots,sainsburys and superdrug but nowere sells the bloody stuff! had to settle for cow and gate in the end! has anyone else tried c and g good night milk and found it good? bloody shops!!!!


  • You may be able to order it on-line from Hipp Baby Club. You can join as well and get sent free samples of stuff.
  • yeah i joined the other day got a letter threw with a fenel tea bag in but no goody pack just
  • there wasnt even a space were it has been! stupid shops! ill look in the city next time i go.! xxx
  • Hi i use the cow and gate good night milk and have found it really good since using it Lexie sleeps 12 or 13 hours a night and in my area its the most popular and have to get it when i see it cus when ive run out can never get it lol our asda always have both though but boots and tesco always seem to have the hipp one and sell out of c&g one quickly.
  • I went to get it the other day after writing my thread about it and couldnt get it - but saw the c & g one!!! but everyone seemed to say they used hipp!!! i'm going town today so will have a look again... im just thinking it may keep him content for a tad bit longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On Hipp Baby Club website on their shop site you can buy the Good night milk in 7x29g sachets for ??3.99. It says it's free delivery but I think they send it 2nd class so you might have to wait a few days!
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