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Didnt know ide need 2 pairs of eyes so early!

Yesterday me and my dad were talking in the living room and harri was in his play ring also in the living room, we heard a clatter looked up and hes out of the ring and playing with my dads imatation fire! (not hot or anything) I didnt even here him get out, then later on he threw a to out of it so he decided he was gonna go get it... what he does is arch his back so he can get on his front in the ring, then gradualy kick his legs until he is balancing on the egde then flop himself over the side like some sort of slipery fish,,,he just done it again now to reach his dody! didnt realise i would need eyes in the back of my head so soon! the cheeky monkey...mind you it is hilarious to watch and he always lands so softly on his side it obviously doesnt hurt! xxx


  • Haha that sounds so funny bless him! Would love to see that!
  • its the oddest thing nhow he is so quiet while doing it so u cant hear him, wont be leaving hin i it alone for too long nowadays! xxx
  • Aw bless him, what a cutie! And doing it quietly too...hehe first lesson of being a mum- if they're quiet they're up to no good!

  • that is sooo true lea77! dont trust them! lol xxx
  • haha awww bless him, x
  • I know what you mean about eyes in the back of your head, Shea had the cat bowl over this morning and was scrunching cat food in his hands!!!! so I cleaned him up and took him upstairs to his room where I have just fitted (lie - dad has just fitted) a gate to his door, so I popped him on the floor in his room where I thought he'd be safe, so I could get ready. next thing I know he's closed his bedroom door and was wedged behind the door so I couldn't get in!!!!!! God I panicked but eventually he crawled away enough for me to open it. Now I need a really heavy door stop to keep it open!!!

    Also had to lower his cot last night before bed cause he was kneeling in cot and his head was hanging over the bloody side!! thought he was going to fall out!

    arrrrgghhh!!! :lol:
  • That sounds sooo funny. Rhys was in his rocking swing earlier and decided he'd have a nosey round, so he grabbed the dangling toys and pulled himself up so he was sitting. Had a big smile on his face looking so proud of his little self ha ha.
  • Sounds like Harri's gonna be good at the high jump! Get him trained for the Olympics!
    Gracie always gravitates to the 'naughty' parts of the room (bed posts, door handles, monitor wires, wooden floors, fireplace, you name it!).
  • Hes done it 4 times already this morning, i guess now hes mastered it there is no stopping it! The liitle buger! the thing is he flops onto his tummy and he dont like it he gets all stroppy! xxx
  • My harry has started doing that too! maybe a name thing...! And he's always attracted to the 'naughty' parts of the room too, if he can see a wire ANYWHERE he makes a bee line for it, so i know when i cant hear him he's def. up to no good.... quiet baby=naughty baby...i have definately learned my lesson!
  • lol! we are up to a dozen times now! hes at it agian as i type! bloody monster! xxx
  • lol i gave my oh the same advice...if they are quiet there up to something

    3 times yesterday i had to get lennon 2 spit out dog food(bisc form thank god) the other day he was splashing in the water bowl and spreading it around with his leg,but when he is most quiet is when i no hes at the cat annoying it coz he knows i'm going to tell him off lol

    and just 5 mins ago ive went into his room where hes playing and he has pulled out all his nice neat folded clothes suppose that will teach me for tidying up eh

    kiddies make me laf so much,everyday he does something new which amuses me so much,as he gets older a new piece of his personality comes out,i feel ive spent the whole year with a smile or a laf on my face its great lol
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