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Name & Shame - No incentive scheme

Shame on Oxfordshire County Council for having no incentive scheme for the use of real nappies. Instead they offered me an info pack and a list of local suppliers.

I know councils have budgets, but surely they save a fair bit of money over 2 1/2 years due to the smaller quantity of rubbish going to landfill - not to mention the penalties councils face if they miss their recycling targets.

I suppose they think people who want to try real nappies will do, regardless of a financial incentive. But surely more people would try them if the council offered a 20% discount on a trial pack or something - and they could probably get that from a nappy company for free if they publicised it on their website.

Sorry - I know I am preaching to the converted on this forum, but its wound me up (and writing to the council will be another job to keep me busy until baby arrives!!)



  • Banbridge District Council have none either at the minute though it was (in their words) something that they would consider for the future!! The adjoining council offers a discount voucher for a nappy pack at a local store though. Just a pity I didnt live 10 miles down the road!!!! xx
  • Shame on them!!! Write to your local paper!!!
    Wiltshire gave me ??30 back and had a lady who offered advice and trial nappies too.
  • Lambeth Council also don't provide an incentive scheme though all of their neigbouring boroughs do!!
  • stockport council dont offer anything either there alway going on about recycling we even have to put rubbish out in clear bag so they can check we are recycling
  • Plymouth don't either - they offer a loan to buy reuseable nappies, but it's not quite the same!
  • Doncaster MBC don't have an incentive scheme either!
  • South Cambridgeshire don't offer an incentive scheme but some of the neighbouring councils do (e.g. Cambridge city)
  • I don't think Southampton do either. I have emailed them to ask, just in case!
  • Having read this i rang - TeignbridgeDistrict Council in South Devon and they give you a months free trial and then 20% off which i thought was rather good
  • If your trying to find an incentive scheme, this website is great for links.

    Try this:


    then click on the incentives link

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  • Birmingham City Coucil offer loads of advice and ??30 cash back.
    They also have a try before you buy scheme


    I'm not even pregnent yet...but am determined to use cotton nappies when i do have a baby.
  • staffordshire council dont either what the hell is wrong with this country??
  • Southampton City Council don't have an incentive scheme. Rubbish!
  • Hi

    I've found out that Lancashire have an incentive scheme, you get a voucher for ??45 from them.
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