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Good things you've done!

Hey ladies!

i think a lot of the time we spend on here is worrying about things and doubting our abilities.
so i thought it would be nice to start a little thread where people can say good things, like little rewarding smiles they got off lo's or funny things that have happened!

I'll Cameron was being a pain in the arse, i took him upstairs with me while i got ready and had a little lie down with him on our bed. Our faces were really close and he just calmed down and lay there smiling and cooing at me! I just had this overwhelming rush of love for him and have been on a big high all day! even this evening when he got all colicy i felt totally calm because we'd had such a good little bonding session this afternoon!! :\)

x x x


  • awww thats nice! my dd allways makes me smile...she does something new she came up to me and said love you heart melted.x
  • Well, Gabe had his first proper laugh yesterday. Before he had laughed like a big smile and "Haaa" but this was a proper "Hehehehe" chuckle. I was blowing raspberries at him & he thought it was hilarious. He is 12 weeks on Fri and is holding his head now, so my family have been throwing him about a bit, and he adores it!

    I'm too scared to, after yesterday when I hit his head on the chandelier light, luckily it's plastic and he never flinched...Me & my bil were just cracking up! I know we're mean!

    The funniest thing is when my friend bought her 8 month old round I did the exact same thing to him!!!! xx
  • I like this post it makes you all warm and fuzzy!

    Maddie has just learnt how to hug ( was never a huggy baby) and this morning she just flung herself on me and gave me a huge hug, what better way to start the day!
  • awww this post is so sweet!

    since tegan started crawling and standing up against furniture and getting around she never wants to sit still or let me hold her but today she came over and stood up and put her arms out for me to pick her up and gave me loads of cuddles while she was saying "awwwww" was so cute.

    or when i get up of a morning and go to get her from her room and shes already awake and hase the biggest grin on her face because she has seen me. it really does make my day xx
  • quite strange that this post should come up tonight - i know bit different to babies, but going to bed tonight, my 4 yr old (just 4 yesterday), got upset that the aliens were going to get him, and he was scared. i lay on my bed with him, stroking his hair and cuddling him, reassuring him that there were no such thing, and if there was, surely they would get grandma, or grandma nora (my grandma) by now.?

    it made me soooooooooooo proud & pleased that he is mine - usually, the days go by in such a rush, that it is bath, teeth, bed, so i can sit & have my late dinner with oh!

    when he had calmed down, he went to get under his new Thomas duvet, and said "mummy, i really really love you!". of course that will probably not be the case in the morning when i wont let him have crisps for breakfast! :lol:

    tiger lily - isnt that chuckle just the best thing?! i can t believe gabe is nearly 12 weeks!
  • I know! He's such a mummys boy too! I love it image
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