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Ice cream

Just wondered what age you can give ice cream to your lo?x


  • I'm not sure if there are any strict guidlines as to when you can give your wee one ice cream. I think my little ones first taste was on his first birthday. He loves the mini milks but you have to be ready with a world full of baby wipes for when it's all over! I just figured that he's allowed cows milk from a year so ice cream must be ok.
  • I first gave jayden his first taster when he was probably about 7 months and he loved it!
  • Violet loves ice creams and lollies, she gets most upset when they are finished!! She is 11months, probably had her first taste at about 8mths. I keep telling myself that ice lollies are good for her teeth and gums!!
  • Icepops are great too and they love them. You coukd always make your own healthier type icecream in lollypop moulds with yoghurt and home made fruit puree x
  • Friends lo was eating ice cream the other day and he's 8 months. I think he's had it before though!
  • we went to spain when lo was 5 months old, we all had little ice creams (like mini- magnums?!), and she went mad screeching at us until we let her have the ice cream that was left on the stick (equivalent to a tea spoon full.
    as we also thought she was teething (she wasnt cos she STILL not got any!!!), we thought it a good idea
  • Zara had her 1st taste last week when we were at the beach. Shes 7 months & her mouth was wide open for more!!!
  • how do you do your own? the fruit sounds great (are they lollies or ice cream?)
  • my lo had ice cream for the 1st time this saturday cos we went to the Ben and Jerry's festival so we had to give him a taste! He loved it! (he is 9 months) we only let him have a taste though - i woudn't give him more than a mouthful until he is 1 but I am not sure how good/bad it is for them?! tbh i think we worry too much! image
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