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Tiana may be appearing in National Paper next week

Well after all Tiana has been through so far in her short life , Great Ormond street hospital's press team thought it was a great story and contacted a national paper and we will be getting a call from them either tomorrow or friday to do an interview over the phone and to arrange for some pics to be taken of Tiana , it should then be published on monday as far as we know at the moment, will keep you all inofrmed .
For those who dont know about Tiana then you can read her personal blog by going to


  • omg, i cant believe what you have all been through. it must of been increadably hard seeing your lo go through that, especially being seperated from your oh and dylan. i really hope your article helps raise some more money for the skydive. how is she doing now, is her weight improving?

  • Tiana is doing much better now and she now weighs 9lb 11oz's which is small for 7 months old but she is putting on weight and heading towards that 10lb mark finally yippeeeeeee
  • ahhh bless her, iv just seen this on the netmums web site in the media requests. i didnt know if you might be interested to raise some awareness and some pennies for hubbies jump

    I was just emailing to ask if any mum could put forward for a Your News story. Your News is a part of our show where we let the viewers tell their own story of an achievement, or emotional journey they have been through. I was wondering if you knew anyone who had perhaps done something heroic or different or had been through hard times because of an issue.

    It is very informal and can be done a video camera or digital camera. (If you don't have either we could come down with one) We would need a minute or so or talking directly into the camera, telling the story and then some other footage or pictures to go with the story. We would edit it all at our end and would only need the rough footage sent to us.

    Let me know if you are interested in this.

    Kind Regards

    Katie Freestone | Your News Producer | 0207 800 2743 |
  • What an amazingly strong & brave family you are. I am truly touched by what you have all been through - very humbled indeed.
    When i was young i spent just a week at GOSH & went back for 6 monthly check-ups for a number of years, but can still remember how kind & caring the staff were & my parents will tell me how supportive, helpful & informative they were for them. In more recent years I have become an avid supporter for GOSH & believe in the cause.
    I wish Tiana all the very best for her future & would like to congratulate Dylan for being a great big brother. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Sarah xx
  • I have just been on your website and read Tiana's story through a blur of tears and just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing family for being so strong and wish you all the best for the future.
    I hope Tiana continues to progress well, she is obviously a very strong, beautiful and determind young lady!
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