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Sore breasts-just stopped breastfeeding

I have breastfed my little boy for 5 months now and have started gradually weaning him but I kept on breastfeeding him on a morning. The last morning feed I gave him was yesterday and today my breasts feel so swollen and full - I just want to feed him but I know if I do that I will just be going round in circles. When I weaned him off his day feeds, my breasts didn't seem to fill up much but this is excrutiating and I don't want to express incase my body thinks I need to fill up again for the next few days!!!
Anyone got any ideas of how to relieve the pain? I don't want to get mastitis.


  • I would use a cold compress, like cabbage leaves from the fridge, put them in your bra or those cooling gel things you get from mothercare shaped for boobs. Take paracetamol too to relive the pain. It shouldn't last too long.

    good luck xxx
  • Dose anyone know how long it will take for my breast to stop hurting its been 3 days I can't be touched it really hurts
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