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one step pregnancy test...

has anbody used these tests? i got them from ebay and i was just wondering if anyone else has used these and how reliable they are??? i know af still isnt due till the weekend but when they arrived yesterday i couldnt resist trying was in the evening and i got a VERY faint second was very very faint but i could see it...anyway i did another one this morning and have got a faint line-not quite as faint as yesterday but no where near as clear as the test line?. with them being from ebay and me testing so early i dont want to get my hopes up. do you think i should wait till af should show before testing again with fr or cbd??



  • Ooh this sounds so positive, I really hope its your BFP.

    I have never used the ebay tests but def think it wouldnt hurt to test again with another brand.

    Maybe test again in the morning and try the ebay ones again too, if you are pregnant the line should get progressively darker as you near your testing date!


  • oooh everything crossed for you - looking good!!!! -
  • Ooh sounds really good. I used one of these (well three in a row!) when i was pg the first time. They picked it up before cb. Fingers crossed!

    Lisa x
  • this sounds like it could be your bfp! as they say a line is a line!!! ohhhh!!!
  • omg, im trying not to get excited until after af should come, i really hope this is it. will test again tomorrow with another brand.. im going out for a family meal tomorrow for my brothers 18th so if theres any posibility that this is it there is no way im drinking....may volunteer to be the designatied driver. might get oh to take a test just to check that it isnt a faulty batch LOL

  • That really tickled me :lol:

    But imagine if he could get pregnant, you'd make ??????????
  • wow! bailey_b!!!!! A line is a line! This is fantastic! I have just logged on this morning (couldn't yday as i work shifts and had a manic day yday) and xlittlemissx just got her BFP! then i look and see your post and it is like wow!!!
    Yes, test 2moro with a fr or cb. I haven't used those ebay ones so can't really say, but a line is a line and like some of the other girls said they are more sensitive than the fr and cb. I wouldn't drink if i were you just in case.
    I haven't tested yet, am really trying to be strong but you girls in the one wk wait are making me want to cave in....I am cd25 today. Have bad lower back pain, cramps, feel sick and v wet (sorry tmi) so am convinced af is going to show. I am going out with the girls on fri but def won't drink as i haven't had any alcohol since we got married in June. Will try and hold out till the weekend.
    Sending you lots of love. Keep us posted xXx
  • As the girls have said babe a line is a lineimage I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you i really hope you have done it image

    Kepp us updated. I would say do another one tomorrow morning maybe a CBD.

    k xx
  • Hey there I have them tests. They where spot on with my last 2 pregnancy's and so far have been spot on (BFN's) so I would say your pregnant, woo hoo. Let us know how you get on with your other test.
  • uww thanks girls. i ordered some cbd the same day as these ebay ones so ill go and check my mailbox and see if they have arrived.

    samiana, lol can you imagine if he got a positive, aaaa if only men could lol

    ill def let you know how i get on, do you think cbd are sensitive enough to test this early?

  • oh i cant wait to hear your result. it sounds very promising. i did a CBD yesterday after getting a positive on a FR, but the CBD was negative. that was cd 26 of 28 for me. however, did another CBD this morning and it was positive this morning, CD27!
    howver, you may have more hormone than me, so may work! we are all different.

    good luck xxx
  • A line is a line and even though its feint if its there its there...............................!!!!!!!!
    image I would be pretty sure ur pregnant!! x
  • bailey_b - I have tried these when not pg and no line

    Did an evening one tonight and got faint line after getting a very definite quick obvious 2nd line on FR this morning!! Don't forget evening urine is weaker!!

    I would say you are pg!! Congratulations xx
  • Can't wait for your post today. Everything crossed for a lovely bold
  • Ditto hjanea, we want another BFP image x
  • good morning ladies. well iwas going to wait until tomorrow to test again but i read your posts and i caved again LOL. i didnt hae chance to buy afirst responce yesterday (can you belive my local tescos didnt have any) anyway ive just done another cheapy ebay one and there is definitly a second line so am going to get fr on way home from work ready for tomorrow morning. eeeeeeek! i have had on and off af like pain today so i hope its not a bad sign as she would be due this weekend.

    thanks for your support ladies!image
  • bailey_b great news that the second line is there again today - and great idea about the CBD ... ooooh how exciting - everything is still crossed for you!
  • bailey_b - defo sounds promising! so fingers crossed that your FR shows up two good lines image

    keep us updated..

    issy xx
  • how did you get on with your First Response test??? fingers crossed you got a BFP!! xx

  • I can't imagine how you must be excited for you! x
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