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What finger foods?

Lily is 7 months old and I started finger foods 2 days ago. She is ok with the organics carrot stick thingys and she was able to gum a bit of banana earlier. Just tried her with organics biscuits and I was so panicky I upset her. She did choak a bit as well which made me worse. Hubby had to calm me down!

Anyway. Any ideas of what I should be giving her to try? And how on earth can I combat my fear? Is it normal to be like this????

Any help much appreciated,

Serena X


  • Hi I wouldnt worry too much about being panicky, Isaac is my 4th and I was worse with him, he was the earliest of all my children to get teeth but he was never bothered about chewing, I stuck with the organix carrot stix for ages as when I gave him something else he really was choking, he was silent and his lips went blue before he managed to cough it up, your lo will learn to chew eventually, Isaac is 17 months now and he can chew everything.
  • All of the following boiled/steamed till soft:
    broccoli trees, baby courgette (a favourite), baby sweetcorn, carrot batons, green beans, asparagus
    Sticks of cucumber with the skin off, cheese lumps, toast, bread sticks, sandwiches in fingers, slices of boiled egg.

    ANYTHING especially at 7 months, peas, tomatoes, grapes, the list is endless.

    As lindsey says they don't always actually consume much but the prectice of chewing and sucking is SOOOOOOO important! Also as lindsey says their gag reflex is strong for a reason and they aren't bothered by it - Max with gag and then shove more in straight away! it is so important to keep going as they have to learn to chew and eat!!!

    Fingers crossed you can manage to relax!"
  • serena im going through the same thing. Daisy gags on lumpy food and is v sick and im so scared of her choking. we ve been doing finger foods for 2 weeks i was slightly confused cus lots of the things you can buy say dont give to baby younger than 7 months or some are even 9 months, so ive been going with the organix things toast with dairlea spread on she goes mental actually for this bannan carrot, and ive just bought some tins of peaches and pears as they quite soft. i tried melonshe didnt like it and ive tried baby bel cheese but she kept biting big chunks of that off!! If it makes you feel any better i feel really bad for saying this but i will only give it her when oh is there just tillswe all get used to it!! OH and today i bought some cow and gate baby bear buscuits she loved that.
  • Hubby is home today so really gonna try. Was thinking about doing her a bit of toast later. I feel so silly but the minute I try, I freak out!
    I have to look after people at work who cant swallow because they have had strokes and have seen the worst things that can happen when food goes down the wrong way, but there is also always back up there when things go wrong.
    The logical part of me knows that it is different because Lily can swallow she just needs to practice. And I always thought I would be fine but obviously not!

    Gonna be brave,
    Thanks guys, Serena X
  • Maybe you could buy a book on first aid for babies, and read up about what to do if she does choke.
    It's unlikely that she will, but if you feel you know how to handle such a situation, you might find it easier to chill out a bit?
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