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Should i be worried?

Evening ladies,

For the last week my 3yr old has had a chesty cough which is improving. I didn't take her to the doctors as it appears to be clearing up.

My concern is that Olivia (who is nearly 6 months) has now developed the same thing and for the last two days has bad a hacking cough which has turned quite phleumy (sp?). I suppose it sounds worse because she is so small. I didn't hear her cough during the night last night but since she went up at 7pm tonight she has been coughing quite a bit. It's not waking her & she seemed happy in herself today. Is it ok to wait and see if there is no improvement on Monday and take her to the GP or should i phone NHS Direct tonight? I'm a bit concerned with her size that she won't be able to fight it as well as my 3 yr old & how quickly they deterioate at this age? She's had calpol and tixylix but neither seem to have made much difference.

What would you do? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Claire x


  • Hi, I would call NHS direct and see what they say. They're always very helpful and never think you're wasting their time - they'll tell you whether you need to see the GP or to stick it out for a few days etc. Hope shes better soon xx
  • Thank you for your reply *Tiger Lily*

    I phoned them and the nurse has just called me back. She thinks she will be ok to wait overnight unless she gets a high temperature or her breathing becomes irratic (i.e big sucking in breaths) in which case i'd need to phone back. She was very nice & i'm now glad i phoned if just to put my mind at rest so now i don't feel so bad about going off to bed! Thanks again - much appreciated! x
  • hi how is she today?
  • Hi ~faith&finley~

    She is much the same today. Thank you for asking. Am going to make an appointment with our GP tomorrow as we are going to Spain next week so want her to be well for that x
  • good idea , hope she is better and that you have a lovely holiday (i need one lol)
  • Thank you. The UK is supposed to be having a heatwave in September aren't we? No doubt it will bloody rain in Spain! lol! :lol: x
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