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Did anyone feel baby at 14 weeks?

Hi all.
Has anyone felt there baby move at 14 weeks, This is my first thought it wasn't meant to happen until further on. I have been feeling a popping sensation the last couple of days but don't know what it is. Defo not trapped wind! Any ideas?

Michelle 14+2

PS Had a scan last week and was told I may feel baby sooner as baby has very long legs! and seems to be very active.


  • I thought I felt Angus Bean last week (at 14+6), but I can't be 100% sure as I've never got this far along in a pregnancy before.

    The Doctor thinks it could be but I guess I won't know!

    They were sort of stabbing type pains, but not painful really, and they kind of swooshed along my stomach!

  • i felt my son move when i was 14 weeks (he 2 and half now) and didnt feel him again till i was bout 20 weeks
  • hi

    it definately sounds like this cld be ur baby moving. congratz. every woman can feel this at different stages, normally starts between 14-22 weeks, however mine didn't start til around 16 weeks


  • I felt mine move at 14 weeks but it is my 2nd. With my first it was about 17 weeks


  • this is my first baby and i felt movement at 15 wks i dint no thats what it was until 19 wks when it was very strong as it was same feeling just stronger
  • felt mine at 14 weeks. Like flutters or bubbles popping. now im 21 weeks its practising martial arts!
  • yes but its my 2nd baby and knew what to espect. now he just likes to wriggle under my ribs and on my bladder apparently thinks its really funny. haha not!
    Filo x
  • This is my first baby and I defo felt baby at 14 weeks, everyone said its too early to feel anything but I just knew the popping/fluttering feeling I was having was LO, and ever since then theyve got stronger, it hurts sometimes but I love it. :\)


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  • i felt mine move at 14 week but he woz my 4th!!
    luv clare
  • I'm so glad you posted this question. I am 15+2 and have been having the same feelings for about a week. Was so sure that's what it was but had convinced myself I was imagining it as everyone says its too early. So excited that its probably BabyR x
  • It could well be hun, people can feel it different times. I was about 18 weeks when i felt my lo (this is my first baby).

    Suzi 24+2 xxxx
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