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Nuts - do I need to avoid all nuts?

I've read that you should avoid eating nuts when you are pregnant especially if either parent has asthma, eczema or hayever. Do this mean I need to avoid all nuts? As far as I am aware people have nut allergies to only certain varieties.

The reason I ask, is because I usually eat muesli for breakfast, and read the ingredients this morning to find it contains ground almonds & macadamia nuts.

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • As far as I know it's just peanuts - technically they're not nuts, they're legumes! My OH has ezcema and asthma so I'm avoiding them too, but still eating other nuts.

    B x
  • Its so hard to know what to do but the majority of the advice is to only avoid peanuts.

    My Hubby has a nut allergy (all nuts apart from peanuts!) so the doc advised me to avoid all nuts while I am pregnant.

  • There is so much conflicting advice (even going as far as saying different things on different pages of my week by week book) that I don't honestly know.

    I found myself half way through a packet of dry roasted peanuts on Sunday before I remembered I probably shouldnt be eating them.

  • hi, i think it is just peanuts you are supposed to avoid if there is allergies, but to be honest i think it is a load of rubbish! i avoided any nuts like the plague with my daughter, as my husband suffers from really bad ezcema, and she still got it! So this time i am not bothering, dont get me wrong i am not eating them everyday but if i feel like peanuts i will have them (usually in a snickers bar, lol!)

    i am not recommending that you do this but just letting you know that with me it didnt make any difference!!

    Nina 16+2 xx
  • My midwife told me to avoid muesli if you or your partner has ANY allergy or asthma or any one in the immediate family has a nut allergy it can set of a nut allergy. She said something like Special K or Porridge is better to have. Saying that I haven't stopped eating nuts, neither me or my partner has an allergy. I have only done this cause the Dr told me that in allot of countries they encourage you to eat nuts as it builds up an emune (sp) to it, this made more sense to me so i still tuck into my peanut m&m's lol

    I wouldn't worry to be honest hun

  • Thanks for all the feedback.

    It sounds like, with most things, everything in moderation! So I won't be having muesli every day of the week, but still tuck in occasionally.

  • I adore cashews and walnuts! i don't eat as many as i did but can't resist sometimes! i read somewhere nuts are good in pregnancy except peanuts but there is always conflicting reports!
  • I have been told to avoid ALL nuts as I have asthma so the chance of lo getting it too, is 1 in 2. By doing this and drinking organic milk is meant to deacrease the odds significantly. Its worth a try as having asthma is not fun! Even if a close family member has an allergy the chance is 1 in 4.
  • I think I will raise this point with the doctor on Saturday, as I have asthma (although very mild) and hayfever, my father has asthma and my mother has psoriosis (sp.) (form of eczema).
  • Hello, i've been pregnant once before and didnt eat any nuts at all. as i have suffered from hayfever as my brother had aswell. but now my son is 11months old he still had a bit of hayfever even though i did everything right, ate thing i shud n avoided things i shouldnt eat.

    But this time i'm not so bothered about nuts i'm just avoiding dangerous kindsa cheese n other things.

    but it upto you if u feel better not eating nuts then do it. but sofar i'm not bothered i like eating things with nuts so y not.
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