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mood swings?

please tell me I'm not the only one who's suffering from extreme moodiness. one minute I'm fine, the next I'm really emotional and just sit and cry or the other extreme, I start feeling really irritated at the slightest thing and fly off the handle. i hate feeling like this and keep thinking I'm going mad.

is there anything i can do to combat this? i hate feeling this way, its just not me at all and I think people are starting notice that there's something wrong.



  • I'm the same. tears, laughter,screaming, sulking my moods are up and down like a brides nighty!

    I've found nothing really to combat the mood swings- but when i get stroppy i just take myself of to another room away from oh. just so i dont bite his head off!!!

  • i'm so glad I'm not the only one. i feel like a monster when I'm in one of my moods. had a go at someone I work with on friday and then felt awful for it and sat at my desk in tears once everyone else had gone home. i've been dreading going back to work tomorrow. i'm gona have to apologise to them good and proper. i hope this doesn't last for the next 8 months cos I think I'll need sectioning.

  • up and down like a brides nighty how i laughed i feel asleep on my wedding night !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • up and down like a brides nighty how i laughed i feel asleep on my wedding night !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • im exactly the same at least we all no its normal and we ent going mad i chuck my bloke out every other day lol and snap his head off for even looking at me or i cry all the time i cryed my eyes out the other morning at 3 in the morn cos i wanted cheese on toast and there was no cheeze well i thought it was the end of the world i sobbed he came down and wondered wot the hell was the matter then he wet himself laughting at me and as u can imagine it went down like a lead balloon with me i went mad at him and wudnt talk to him lol poor bloke lol
  • being my first pregnancy i thought i would be all over the place but i've actually been more balanced than normal. lol. although this last week i have had som major anger at people which is actually quite scary at times. this morning i thought i could have actually murdered someone!!! seriously fed up with being asked the same daqmn questions and stupid ones at that. i am HUGELY pregnant so cant see why people feel the need to ask if baby has come yet???!!!!!! is evryone in the world gone blind?? grrrr

    39+2 :x
  • i hate these mood swings! im just getting more and more wound up everyday! and i've still got 3 an a bit months to go!
  • Oh the joys of female hormones!!!! Sorry to say, they don't always even out again once bub's arrived........although the swings aren't so often (well, not for me lol). It's just a whole different set of moods etc coz you have a little person to think about as well........just think of that first smile to come, that first proper cuddle, the achievement of that 1st precious tooth - it really does make it all worth while girls - I'm on my 5th and am as excited and impatient for his arrival as I was with my 1st and the others!!!!

    3 days to due date!
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