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  • Hi there Gem and Charlie

    I have gone back to work 2 days at the moment and Max goes to nursery those 2 days - we don't have any family close by either!

    We needed more money than my 2 days a week earns me so I have started selling Usborne books - if youa relooking for a flexible different job with less heavy lifting this could be PERFECT for you! I do it those other 3 days with Max, we go to toddler groups, soft play, leisure centres, music classes etc etc so he gets to play while I earn! It is incredibly easy and a fab little earner and totally flexible - no targets or anything!!! If you are interested in finding out some more just email me on [email protected] or look atmy website if you are looking for a change anyways this could suit you!

    Good luck with the childcare arrangements either way! image
  • I haven't worked since I was 4 months pregnant so I haven't got a job to go back to, but once I have my child tax credit sorted (long story but have had a lot of problems with them!) I am going to look for a job, looking at doing 2 days a week or so. I really dont want a job at all so I cant imagine what it feels like having to go back fulltime...hugs. Just need a bit of extra money. My oh mum will be having lo, depending on what hours I get. She's a childminder anyway and is losing 2 of her kids after christmas so its ideal for her & she'd love to have Gabe full time apparently!xx
  • Hi

    I know exactly how you feel - I go back to work 5th Jan (4 days before my little boys first birthday) and am dreading it!

    I got signed off sick with high BP from 26th November last year so it's almost a year since I was in work

    I do love my job though feel sick at the thought of going back and not spending all day with my lo

    I am doing more or less full time hours (37) over 4 days. I used to do Mon-Fri 8:00 - 4:30 but am going back Mon-Wed 12-10 and then Saturday 10-5

    My ex sister in law (who is a registered childminder will have him Mon-Wed 11-5 when hubby will pick him up and hubby will mind him on Saturday

    Not looking forward to the 10 hour days but at least I will have a few hours with H in the morning (get up at 6:30 anyway to get hubby up for work lol!) and I trust my ex sister in law completely - she is great with kids, plus he will get to play with his cousins (who adore him) when they come home from school

    What makes matters worse is I was looking forward to not having to go back to work for long as fell pregnant but found out two weeks ago I was having a missed miscarriage cry - would have been 20 weeks when I started work again

    Just make the most of the time you do spend with LO and think of the smile on their face when they see you come home from work (if they are still up though not in my case)

    Alternatively I hope we both have the same numbers on the lottery and we can share the jackpot so neither of us have to go back to work

    Mandy x
  • I'm going back to work begining of Feb, working 2 days a week, and my mum will be having James. I will give her something towards having him - there is no way we could afford childcare, plus the waiting lists are ridiculous!
  • I went back to work in July and my in laws look after Kara for me. It is great and they are really good to her. My mum and dad were going to take her an odd afternoon as well but my mum passed away in August so my in laws are watching her everyday. I work 9 - 4.15 Monday - Friday. My husband doesn't start until 11.30 some days which means she only goes in a half day those days and an odd time he is off during the week. This works for us.

    I wouldn't feel guilty at all. You have to work to pay the bills or your child won't have the life you would like them to have as you won't have money. Thats the way I look at it anyway. As long as they are happy where they are thats the main thing. Its great for the adult company again.
  • As of January Lily will go to the day nursery round the corner from my school on Monday and Tuesday. I have staff meeting and management meetings after school both days so that is best for us. I don't work Wednesdays and then hubby has a late start (usually 12 or 1 one day a week) so my mum and Dad will have Lily for either half a day the week hubby gets a day off in the week or a day and a half the weeks hubby doesn't get a day off. I hope that makes sense. My mum and dad said they didn't want any money for having Lily on those days but we have agreed they will let me give them the petrol money for coming to over to our house. They joked that in the winter they will be using our gas and electric so will be saving money on their bills! I have to go back as we would not manage to pay the mortgae if I didn't. I would like to only work 3 and a half days a week .....

  • I started back at work last monday and i was absolutely dreading it, adn it was hard but it really made me make the most of the time i had with my lo (4.5 months old), and it was so nice to c her after i'd finished work. I work 3.5 days a weeks at the moment, 2 days my sister has her then oh has her on his day off then my other sister has her one morning, so it works quite well, i do pay my sister cos i'd feel guily otherwise as she has 2los of her own, but its a lot cheaper than a nursery or childminder.
  • No probs Gem&charlie - do contact me as and when you think you might be interested and I can giv eyou more info - or contact me now and I can give you the info even if you don't want to join yet.

    You get loads of yummy free books for lo too image
  • Did you get the email Gem+charlie?
  • well Lara I hope the return to wrok goes well for you and WHENEVER you are interested and hopefully have a car you know where I am and just get back in touch. I always love new team members. Sounds like Chloe will have a good mix of childcare when you go back though!
  • Unfortunately there is no way of checking who else there is Usborning local to you but I have found someone on the same estate as me doing it but she is only doing little local parties while I am doing fairs and schools as well as parties so it hasn't mattered at all - I know that lots of other people live close by each other and both do it and it has never effected them either.

  • the plan was mil, but her shifts changed so she couldn't do after all, so i quit! we're completely skint now lol but not a chance in hell i would feel comfortable putting him in nursery/childminder, and i want to be the one who brings up my child-not having a go at people who put them in childcare its just not something i could do!
    I've been forced to go back to work now as we just can't afford to run the house, so i have got a job one day a week which will be increased after xmas, but my new boss is great and is going to fit my job around my husbands so if i'm not looking after him my husband will be! which is fab!
    Trouble is i'm now pregnant lol so not sure how things are going to work out now!!
  • when i went back to working after my first i worked nights after he was in bed and hubby looked after him. but i never went back after my second, there really isnt anyone i would trust to look after them during the day. i will go back to work once they are all in school which is going to be a while as i only had charlie 13 days ago x
  • I dont go back until April but i will be going back full time. I work 7.30-4.30 Mon-Thur then 7.30-14.00 on Friday. I would love for my mum or MIL to mind Frankie but they both work full time so we are going to arrange a childminder. Both my husband and I would love for me to go part time but we just cant afford it. If I went part time/gave up we literally could no afford to live.

    I think if you have a family member who cann look after your lo you should jump at the chance. I know my mum or MIL would love to be able to do it too.
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