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Micronor contraceptive pill

Hi guys, is anyone else out there feeling like an emotional wreck on Micronor cont pill? I was on Cerazette but bleeding constantly so was put on this. I've had my first period on it and have been crying and short tempered for days which isn't like me. I have a 23 month old and an 8 month old so am knackered and my uncle has just passed away so I'm not sure if its all that making me upset or if its this pill. Anyone else felt depressed/emotional/short tempered on this pill???????


  • oh babe. It could be the pill but you situation is probably contributing too. Go back to the docs or even a lady nurse as it can sometimes be easier to talk to a lady. Explain how you are feeling and ASK your Doctor for a different pill. People often dont speak up as they feel the health proffesionals are doing them a favour but its YOUR body and if you want to change pills ask the Doc what other ones he could recomend. You could even go to your family planning clinic and ask some advice. Hope you feel better soon babe. Im here if you wanna let of some steam. Take care

    Elaine xx xx
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