Clothes advice for a frumpy mummy please! Need a party frock

I bought my xmas party dress almost a month ago, but i'm not sure i'm happy with it. I don't think i'll feel confident wearing it - i confess i kind of bought it because it's a size 14 and i was so chuffed that if fitted.
it was a bit tight at the time, but i'm now nearly a half stone lighter and it's still not as flattering as i'd like so i guess it's just the wrong shape for my figure. It's a bandeau style, a bit gathered at the waist and a pencil style skirt. It looks ok everywhere apart from the belly area, and not great from side on.

Can anyone advise me on the best style of dress for my shape? I'm a comfortable size 14, my boobs aren't that big, so i'd like them to look bigger, my legs are fine, and my bum isn't too bad, but i have a very broad back and my lower abdomen is not a pretty site since the birth of my beautiful baby earlier this year. I'm only 5ft 6.

I've lost nearly 50lbs since i last saw some of the people i'll see when i'm wearing the dress, and although it sounds shallow, i'd love a bit of a 'reveal' moment and to just feel fabulous for a day! And for my hubby to think 'wow' and not just see me as a mummy!

Please, please someone give me some advice - i'm utterly hopeless when it comes to clothes. Getting this outfit right is turning into a real obsession for me.


  • you know something, hon? i don't think it shallow at all to feel bloody fabulous for a special occasion after having a baby, and losing loads of weight! well done for doing it!!

    i think size 14 (is this not smaller than the average woman?), at 5'6" is pretty nifty, tbh, but as you want to feel great, then good for you!!

    unfortunately, i have no idea of what clothes would be good for you - i'm the total opposite at 5'2" and big boobs!!

    could you have a day shopping ( i know virtually impossible with a lo!!) where you try on everything in all different shapes? maybe a corset top with seperate full skirt could help hide your tum?
  • First of all flippn' heck well done!! 50lbs is an awsome amonut and I don't blame you for wanting a reveal moment-I would! Only mananged to loose half a stome in 3 weeks.
    Anyway, what colour are you looking for? Do you want sleeves or are you not fussed? Do you like detail? Prefer plain?
    Have seen some amazing dresses in M&S Limited Collection but they might not be for you. One is hot pink and has a round neck, and then a full skirt in silk-if I was 10 stone lighter!! x
  • Thanks girls.
    I'm looking for something black because i've already bought the accessories for the other dress which is black!
    I'd be happy with sleeveless as i've got a lovely purple shrug that i can wear with it.
    Do you think maybe a prom dress style would be best then - like corset style top but with fuller skirt?
  • Oh saw some lovely dresses in Next with a full skirt. I always think full skirts look good if youhave curves-back when I had some!! Good luck and I think a personal shopper is a great idea used one on Fenwicks and she was great. Pulled out lots of things I wouldn't have touched and she was right! Would love to be a personal shopper-getting paid to shop-wow! Let us know what you choos in the end!
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