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Whos looking forward to it? I cant wait.

We are putting the tree and decorations up a week on Monday, well when I say we, I mean me. Cos I am such a fussy cow it has to be done MY WAY.

Kerry xxx


  • hahaha!

    i'm like that too!! the poor boys (6 & 4) have to do as they are told, or BIG trouble!!!

    i have themes too- one tree is all silver / white with no tinsel, and the other has no balls (!), but things more suitable for the kids! like cadbury hanging chocs. oh. yes, sorry! they are for me too!! hahaha!

    i think i'm gonna be off work xmas day, so when confirmed, i'll be like a big kid watching the kids open their stuff!!
  • Ooooh im so looking forward to it this yr i want to decorate the house NOW,TONIGHT lol!!Benjamins first word was "liiiiight" and followed by "ball",tokk him to look round the local garden centre that had loads of Xmas Tree displays and he loved it.was toddling round pointing and saying"ohhh liiight"and "ball" he gets all excited so i cant wait to put up my lights and balls on the tree,just hope they stay there lol x
  • I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. I love Matthew and Chloes faces when they open their presents, sometimes you can actually see the shaking with excitment. And I cant wait to see Tamzins reaction to all the lights. This time last year she was no more than the size of a pea inside me.

    Kerry xxx
  • Ohhh I love Xmas!! I'm like a giant kid, I actually get too excited to sleep on Xmas eve :lol: We have a real tree so it won't go up untill about 2nd week of Dec. Have had a fake in the past but I love the smell of the real thing, it makes the whole house smell Xmassy when you open the front door. I can't wait, mmmmm I want Xmas dinner now too!!!!
  • My hubby is soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

    Our little boy is almost 2 1/2 years old now and he knows we're going to have a Christmas tree and that Father Christmas is going to deliver all the presents to all the good boys and girls! image

    I am looking forward to putting the tree up but not to having to glue all the decorations back together when they've been pulled to pieces by our little boy!!! image :roll:

    My hubby is going to have 3 weeks off work over Christmas which is going to be great for everyone, he is self-employed, so even when our daughter was born he was back at work a couple of days after. :\(

    "In the meadow we can build a snowman..." I'm singing them all in my head at the mo!!! :lol:

  • Reading these posts is making me worse, I could really eat my christmas dinner now Im starving.

    Kerry xxx
  • Ooo I can't wait too! Kade will be just over 15 months so probably still won't understand but it doesn't matter cause mummy will be doubly over excited for everyone!

    Joanne&brood, you are sooo organised! Not even started my shopping yet :roll:

  • Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!!!!!!!!!!erm is that right?lol
  • Sat here with huge smile.

    Finished my shopping too. Now need to find time to wrap everything. I love wrapping as much as opening pressies.

    Kerry xxx
  • Me too Joanne cos I knew Tamzin would be little, I been much more organized.

    I can almost taste my turkey.

    Kerry xxx
  • Gary makes me wait till xmas morning now, but for him i would of opened my secret santa. it seems so far away at the mo, i am so impatiant lol

    kerry xxx
  • I love xmas but not the shopping bit but it is spoilt a bit for me when people/shops start too early. I went to an DIY store 2 years on my birthday (can't remember why) and as I walked through the door the manager was setting up the christams grotto. I just thanked him for ruining my birthday and walk out. I haden't even made 3 staps through the door. My birthday is towards the end of August.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X

    P.s I find boxing day is always the better more relaxed day.
  • glad i aint the only one who loves xmas.

    gonna start wrapping tomorrow.

    i cant wait lol

    getting more excited by the second

    Kerry xxx
  • i really cant wait! i wish it would come sooner. I had a xmas dinner when i was out yesterday i just couldnt say no, it was gorgeous!
    Ive finished all my xmas shopping apart from oh's which i will hopefully finish tomorrow or the following week. Would love to wrap them all up right now, but i like to sit in front of the christmas tree with the lights and fire on listenin to xmas music, so i will be waiting a couple of weeks.
    Ive planned out my whole day for december 6th, we are going to two xmas fairs and to see santa clause, followed by a nice meal out and then once tegan is in bed we will decorate the house ready for when she gets up on sunday morning, i cant wait to see her face!!

    sorry to ramble on but im very very excited!!! xxx
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