Please help...

Good morning ladies!!

I am sooooooo tired! My lo has started to wake up at 4am and is awake for at least an hour!!! She is not hungry she just wants to play!!!! She is 13 weeks old and has never done this before! I am absolutely shattered and need some advice cos I dont know what to do!! She is both bf and ff.
Any one had experience of this?? What did you do about it??



  • Have you tried leaving her in her cot to play - my lo did this after the clocks changed and she surprisingley drifted back off again!
  • Tylers started waking at 5am. I remember my eldest did this too - theyre trying to settle themselves into a routine. When she wakes leave the place dim and quiet and then open the curtains and urn on radio/tv at say 6am - keep doing this every morning and she'll learn that its morning time when u open the noise and light starts. If not then uv just gotta go with the flow and hope she starts staying asleep again! The life of a mummy eh? xx xx
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