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how much tv does ur lo watch??

?? is there such thing as too much?


  • Poppy watches In the night garden at night but that's it. She is with a child minder most days and she never has the tv on.
  • Eoin couldnt give a monkeys arse about the telly!! he might watch for 20 seconds or so then toddle off to cause havoc somewhere else instead!!! lol xxxxxxxxxxx
  • lol same here thats why i was asking, i read somewhere that its bad for a baby and can overstimilate(cant spell) was thinking off cuting the amount of time he watches it down. xx
  • I must admit our tv is on most evenings but having said that my three only watch it when their programs are on, most of the time its on music channels as our radio is crap!!!!!!
    Personally I think it depends on your lifestile, My mum hasnt had a TV for twenty I cant do without one(bad I know!)
  • Our TV is on most of the day!! Cbeebies or Babyfirst!! Kelsie doesn't 'sit' and watch it, but its on for some backround noise. If i wanna watch something I will turn it onto what I want to watch, as long its suitable!! Mind you.....with a 13 month old, and a 4 week old I don't get the chance to sit down for most of the day!!

  • Our TV is always on, more so for background noise and jayden loves specific programmes otherwise he will just ignore it x
  • my kids watch the tv for maby 30 mins on a sunday and that it.
    intill my son was 5 he would turn the tv of when ever anyone else turned it on and told them they were lazy watching the tv lol x
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