I just had our pantomime tickets delivered today. I'm so excited, I can't wait to watch the girls get all dressed up and see them all excited.

Anyone else going to the pantomime?



  • Yup my family go every year, Grandad, Grandma, Aunties, Uncles and of course the children. My lo has his own little ticket too, that'll be going in his special box.
    Was wondering whether to get him ear defenders as I guess it's gonna be bloomin' loud-he'll be 23 weeks (whatever that is in months!) what do you think?
  • hi im going to be taking my daughter to panrto while my oh stays home with our son as he will only be 10 months old. we are seeing snow white. what are you all seeing this year?.x.
  • OUrs is a cross between Pirates of the Carribean (sp!!) and something else-sounds loud!
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