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does this sound about right? hv thinks im lying!!!

Ok Amy is almost 20lb and is 23 weeks she is on the 99th centile she has always been a big baby and was breastfed for first 4 months

Anyhow take her to HV and they keep saying she is too big - fed up with it!!! (hubby is a 20stone rugby player she was never going to be small!!! lol!! They imply im feeding her too much i dont think i am

Here is what she has what do you think??

7am 7oz bottle
8am 3 spoons of baby ceral mixed with water
12pm lunch 3 cubes of veg and stock (sometimes a fromage frais) plus juice
3pm 7oz bottle
5.30pm dinner 2 cubes fruit puree and 3 tablespoons baby rice plus juice
7.30pm 7oz bottle

so she is only having 21oz a day which is minimum she can have

So fed up of HV thinking im giving her more im really not not like its bicuits or mushed up mcdonalds!!!!

gonna stop taking her to bloody hv cant deal with them making out shes not normal coz she doesnt fit into there stupid graph!!!!


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  • dosnt look like lo is overfed to me either hun, evie has about the same but 2 anabel karmel cubes (they r quite big) and she is just above 9th centile, i think some babys r big, some small and hv need to stop making us mummies panic and stress, like we dont have enough to worry about. xx

    evie is 31wks. xx

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  • Hi, try not to worry. Gabe is nearly 29 weeks old and he weighed 19lb 9 2 weeks back so is probably near 20lb now.

    I don't think you are feeding her too much at all - Gabe has a similar amount except he has a rusk as a snack too.

    Ignore the HV, mine is always saying how big Gabe is, its very annoying, as he's healthy & I'd rather have a big baby than a small one cos I know loads of mums who worry about their child's weight.

    Amy will slow down anyway - Gabe has only put on about 7oz in 3 weeks now x
  • my mum told me while iwas still pregnant to ignore the HV, just smile and nod then do what you think is best for baby as you know your baby the best.

    when i was little i eat like a horse and was tiny, i ate wice as much as the biggest girl in my class and i was tiny and she was a monster compared to me.
  • my hv said i was over feeding my lo he was on 4 x7oz bottles a day at 13 weeks and weighed 15lb9. she said my lo was taking too much milk for his age and that he was too heavy just because he had moved up to the 75th centile from the 50th. So she left me feeling like a bad mum and made me worry for no reason. She then moaned cuz i put him on hungry baby milk.

    Personally i only take my lo to get weighed now, if i need advice i usually come on here lol. i daren't tell her i've started weaning my lo overwise she definately wont be happy with me.

    Its so awful when u feel u can't go back to your hv, after all they are meant to offer advice and support, not question everything we do and make us worry for no reason. All they care about are stupid guidelines x
  • hey just wanted to say dont listen to your health visitor, my 17 month lil man was a so called big baby at 6months but he started walking at ten months and since then hes lost some weight because hes got taller also hes always on the move, nerver still.xx
  • The most important thing to remember is that NO two babies are the same and they are all at different stages of the chart and you should not be made to feel guilty for giving your baby what she needs! Your little girl would not eat what she doesnt need/want!

    Hence I havent taken Tommy to be weighed for since he was 17 wks (he is now 24) because I know he is healthy and will not have a woman who doesnt know him tell me otherwise!
  • Dont worry hun, you know your baby best & it doesnt sound like you are overfeeding her to me. Like you say your hubby is a 20 stone rugby player so shes not going to be a small baby. From my experience of hv's lately they are more about ticking boxes than offering good advice & anything outside their boxes is alien to them so they think it MUST be wrong!!!! It sounds like you have nothing but a healthy wee girl to me xx
  • hi there. mine little one is the complete opposite. he has always followed the very bottom on the centile charts. the hv has always told me to give him more, but he is a very good eater. i am still breast feeding him at 18 months just 2 times aday but he is still following the bottom line in the blue box. he weighs just over 21 lbs in weight and is 18 months. i am not concerned at all as he hasn't deviated from this at all plus he is my 5th baby . try not to worry, the hv get it all from a text book and there are so many protocols and people saying that babies should follow a cretain trend and it is just not like that in the real world with real children as we are all different. what you are giving your baby sounds ok and right for her age. your doing a great job. xx
  • that sounds just right to me. in fact thats about what cameron is on! he's just under the 75th centile. HV's are a pain in the arse!
    you do what feels right for you, what do they want you to do..start starving her??!!
  • sounds fine to me, my two used to eat at least double that.
    you wouldnt think it to look at them now, they were a little chubby in places as babies but as soon as they started to move about the chunnyness vanished. my daughter look so small now all her clothes hang off her x
  • ah thanks ladies these hv are such a pain they must know what a worrying time it is for us without adding to it!

    With all due respect they want to be focussing there attention on these poor babies who are not being looked after like Baby P and stop stressing us other mums out who are bringing up healthy happy babies

    nuff said!

    thanks again xxxx
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