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My sister is pregnanat!! woohoo

Hi found out today my sis is pregnant she is sooo scared and nervous but i'm gonna introduce her to this site! she's 6ft 1 and is worrying she will have difficulties carrying and giving birth cos of her height?? i'm soo excited were really close and im gonna be there every step with her!! max and her baby will be in same class etc!! FINGERS CROSSED ITS A GIRL LOL HAHAHA XXX


  • Congratulations xx I don't think height tends to be a problem, in fact I think it's actually a benefit who doesn't feel like they need more space at 9 month gone.

    Best wishes
  • Hi there,

    I am 6ft 2ins and my LO is 6mths old. I had a perfect pregnancy. The good thing about being tall is that you will only have a small bump because you have plenty of room for LO to move around in.

    The down side of that was trying to find Maternity clothes that are long enough. I ended up wearing my normal clothes with a bump band!!

  • tell her congrats from me, and is she gonna join us on here?!!!

    she should be fine, even tho' she is tall!!!
  • hey yes she will be joining us but obv in the pregnancy forum, she's so excited i just bought her , her first prima baby and mother and baby and pregnancy and bith mags lol We just got to tell her dad now image she's crapping it lol
  • What will the age difference be between your babies? My twin sister's baby is 5 months younger than Neve and we see each other most days - its wonderful watching them grow up together and being able to support each other, You and your sister are going to have so much fun together.
  • ok will dokatie, she wants a new coat for xmas of me but she is so hard to buy for,long arms, extremely long legs etc ahhh lol cant wait for you all to meet her on here she is soo lovely xx

    Hi lottie there will be 10-11 months between our babies, they will be in same class. were really close as it is, she practically lives with me lol she is soo good with the boys, i know she will be a brilliant mumu, she is already panicking bout birth lol but ive told her to come on here cos we all know its not as bad you expect etc

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  • yeah, she was dfark (when you said we looked like twins) but she dyed it back blonde now! x
  • not if it looks like her bf LOL
  • lol she wont mind she will agree lol xx
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