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Age gaps

I'm sure this has been discussed many times, but what age gap do you have between your lo's (or planning to have) and do you think it worked well?

Due to family history I've been advised to have my family before 30. My dh has known this all along, he wanted to get married first so we got married august 07 and started trying once we got back from our honeymoon. I luckily fell pregnant very quickly and Louise was born mid Jult this year. We have said that idieally we'd like another summer baby so are thinking about trying next Autumn so Louise would be about 2 when 'fingers crossed' we have number 2.

Any thoughts?

(I'm 28 now)


  • I have 12 months, 2 weeks a 1 day between mine. Wasn't planned for number 2, fell pregnant 2nd time we had sex after having Kelsie. But in my opinion its the best way to have them closer together. Everyone warned me that I would have my hands full and it'll be really busy with 2 but it really isn't.

    Good luck when you ttc number 2,

  • we wanted a small gap, so started trying when Ollie was just over 4 months old - it took us 11 months to conceive and Ollie will be 22 months when baby is born.

    Everyone keeps saying it will be hard work but its better to have them closer together...
    we wanted two before hubby hits 40 (next may so only just in time :lol: ) as he didnt want to be an 'old' dad - personally dont think he'll ever be old, he hasnt grown up yet image:lol:

    Bear in mind when you decide to ttc again that it can take ages to catch.. so things might not work out as you want them to.
  • I'm pregnant with no2. Due in April, Rhys will be 20 months at my due date.

    We wanted our 2 to be close but it was still a bit of a shock when we first found out, even though we'd been trying. You just dont expect to catch so soon.
  • We've started trying now, and Riley is 5 months. It took a long time to concieve him though. We're hoping for about an 18 month gap. xxx
  • There is 1 yr 2 months between J and Isaac and 18 months between Isaac and Tyler. So just 2 yrs 8months from my eldest to youngest. My eldest 2 are like best friends - Its lovely!! xx
  • we have 2years 10months between firts and second
    and 3 years 9 months between 2nd and 3rd

    i love the gap never needed a double buggy and only ever had one baby in nappies at a time
  • There are 12mnths 3 weeks between my two. It is hard work at times and being pregnant with a baby to look after was difficult at times but it's soooo worth it. There are times when i could pull my hair out and other times that i cant stop laughing at them! I think it will only get better as they get older and their bond grows.
    Good luck with ttc.
    Katie, Erin 16mnths and Joe 15 weeks. x
  • I have 1 minute between DS1 and DS2, and 17 months between the twins and baby. baby is 18 weeks and we are ttc fourth n fina babe.

    havinh 3 under 2 can be hard but i know other mums who struggle more with 1 than i do with 3.

    personaly i think whatever the age gap is, it becomes perfect xx
  • I have HUGE gaps between mine but it still works well - the older two only torment each other and both idolise their baby brother! He in return will be brilliant at tormenting them when he is older.

    They are 15 1/2, 7 and 6 months.
  • i have 10 years 1 month and 5 days between my daughter and son. both with different dads, i never wanted anyomore children and daughter had me to herself for at least 6 years with no in between relationships. she absolutely loves her new brother and devotes lots of time and attention to him but has been acting up with both me and my partner and her dad and his partner.
  • i'v got 20 mons n a week between both babies which is very close n a lot of hard work n d twin buggy ting is a nite mare 4 me so wit baby no3 am gonna make sure dere's a reasonable gap so they all get good quality time wit mummy
  • Neve is 11 months and we begin ttc after christmas - if by some miracle I fell straight away there would be a 22 month age gap which to me would be ideal. I guess everyone just gets on with whatever gap they have and never know any different.
  • My lo is nearly 10 months and we're ttc at the moment for no. 2. There is 22 months between my brother and I, and we've always been close.
  • Kara is 15 months and I am hoping to have another one when she is about 3. I think that is time enough and it means that I should only have 1 in nappies at a time and there will be no need for a double buggy.
  • thanks everyone!

    I was hoping to avoid the double buggy bit by using a baby carrier for the youngest until the oldest can use a buggy board! lol
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