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Skin to Skin contact

Hi fellow mummies and mummies to be!

I have to have a c-secion in April, and I am just worried that I won't get the instant skn to skin contact that I had with my baby boy (I had him naturally a year ago). I am really keen to have some special time bonding and trying to feed, just like I did with my son.

Does anyone have any experience of a recent c-section and the initial bonding?

Thanks ladies,

Tina xx


  • I had an elect c sect in March this year and as soon as we moved into recovery the nurses pulled my gown down and placed Olivia on my chest for skin to skin contact. It was truely an amazing experience. With my first daughter i had an emergency c sect under GA and by the time i came around she was already dressed so we never had skin to skin. I'd def mention it before the surgery but i can't comment as to whether it is any less special than a natural birth as i never made it that far. It was still amazing for me though as i'm sure it will be for you x
  • Hey, my hospital really encourage skin to skin with c-sections and will help you, I had problems with my spinal which meant that i couldnt use my arms to begin with but baby was put on me straight away, guk and all. I had section under GA first time round and felt cheated so they knew how important it was for me to hold him.

    Good luck with it xx
  • Hi,my hospital also encourages skin to skin contact with ladies who have sections. i had my first section under GA and nobody was allowed to hold my son until I'd had skin to skin contact with him.
    I then had my daughter by section in july and they offered me skin to skin contact then but as i was not feeling too well they thought it was best for my oh half to hold her first but I did have skin to skin contact with her later on
  • My son was pulled straight over the screen and laid on my chest. His daddy cut the cord and then he was taken for a wipe & check over before being placed back on my chest in just a towel (I think).
  • Thanks ladies, you've put my mind at rest.
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