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Refusing to eat.

Gabe has a chest infection & is refusing food, has been for days. Today he has had 4oz milk and 1/2 a stage 1 jar of food. Whereas usually he would have had 3 7oz bottles and 3 substantial meals by now! He has been the same for days. He is only having 1/2 strength formula on advice of GP as he has also had diarea but he is no better and screams and arches his back if you put the bottle near him. GP prescribed diarelyte to rehydrate him but he totally refuses it, in fact he won't let hardly anything near his mouth (its a battle getting the antibiotics down him - actually have to hold his nose so he opens his mouth & I can pour it in quick!). He is so unhappy and unsettled. Which can't be helped by the fact he must be SO hungry.


  • Aww poor Gabe. I don't know what to suggest. I know these things are going round and we are all getting over a bug and no1 wanted to eat. When you're unwell you don't feel like eating. Try and get him to drink lots and slowly introduce small amounts of food/milk. Don't expect much as Evie went without food for 3 days when she was ill last week! She is only started to pick at her food now. He'll get there soon, just keep trying small amounts here and there and he'll pick up soon! Take care hun, xoxox
  • I tried him with the bottle again tonight and he drank half an oz and then refused. I gave him some finger food (rusk) and he ate some. I can't keep him hydrated either as he just clamps his mouth shut - he won't really take a bottle, spoon, get the picture!!! I am so frustrated and snapping at everyone. grrrrrr. Poor Gabe wish he would eat
  • poor gabe hope fell better soon hun
  • Poor little man, have you tried yoghurt? Sounds a bit daft but Millie was once ill and wouldn't eat anything else but she would still have yoghurts. At least that way he would be getting some calories.
    Hope he feels better soon.
  • Now that is a strange one as he did manage to eat a yogurt the other day I will have to go out & get some more! I offered a fruit pot out the fridge this afternoon which I thought he might like as he usually loves them but he refused. Thanks Kerry
  • the other thing to try (as long as you think he is old enough) is an ice pop. its sweet yes but it will get some fluid into him.

    Ollie refused to eat or drink for ten days, and he was ok. He was in hospital for most of those 10 days and they kept checking him and said he wasnt in need of being on a drip yet - but by the end of ten days his fingers had started to peel showing that his extremities has started to close down. (we came so close to him being put on a drip because he literally wouldn't take anything, not even an ounce)

    I'm not trying to scare you, just trying to point out that it will take a while for him to become dehydrated, and he seems to be taking something even if its not much.

    It doesnt help you as I know how much you're worrying about him, but he will start to eat once he feels better in himself. He is at least taking something, and if he's like Ollie it will take him a couple of days once he does start eating to eat properly.
    keep taking him to the docs if you think you need to - its best to keep going and be told he is getting better than not go and him not respond to antibiotics.
    Once he does start to feel better he will try to eat bits of food.

    I really hope he gets better soon. Its not nice, and so upsetting for us mums when your lo is poorly.
  • Bless him,

    I don't know what to suggest but just wanted to say that I hope he picks up really soon. I think you have to just keep trying him with different things and if you find something he'l have then give him lots of it, eg yogurts. I think te ice pop is a ood idea - especially if you have the moulds to make your own.

    And as MummyStephe says - keep taking him bck to the doctors if you need to espcially if you can't get hom to take the medicine.

    lisa and louise
  • Thanks girls. He seems a bit better today. He woke at 10pm and had 5oz of the half strength milk. And he had another 5oz this morning AND breakfast! Yay. I hope it continues
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