She's learning so much now

Charlotte may be making my life very stressful at the minute with her fussy eating (ie not eating much - hmm) but in the past week she's doing lots more things. She now claps a lot more and will join in with us and she now waves when we wave at her. She's also started to pass us things and drops things on purpose. Plus she will try and feed us her finger food!! She's also trying to stand a lot more. Only 3 weeks now until she's 1. I can't believe how much she is changing all at once! I don't want to move to the Toddler forum yet! xx


  • Bless her, it's so lovely to watch our lo's try and suceed at new things, but they're getting older so quickly!

    No need to leave us for ages yet though - we need your experience!
  • wow Ruby is trying to walk. What a clever little girl, you must be very proud!
  • I know what you mean.
    Its scary how much Bella is learning. She is nearly 10 months now. She can do the actions for yes, no and all gone. She can clap hands, she's standing and cruising round the furniture and the walls. She knows 'pussy cat'. She is attempting to say daddy.
    Cutest though, she has just figured out that she has a 'pointing' finger and if you say 'Bella, where are your shoes?' she will point at her feet! Also she has a big teddy penguin and if you give it to her and say 'ahhh, hug', she grabs it and cuddles it!
    She is just too cute at the moment, very hard work but well worth it! I cant believe she was ever a tiny baby!
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