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Santa - Magic or Big Lie??

I hope everyone on this forum already knows that's Santa doesn't exist or I have just spoilt it for them! My question is...are you going to keep up the pretence to you los about Santa delivering the pressies? I'm not sure if I am going to tell Evie about Santa, well she's not too bothered about it now. We took her to see him, told her about the gifts she'll get etc etc and she couldn't care less! Do you think we should just start with the truth that Santa doesn't exist? I bought the presents for heaven's sake, spent a fortune on them only to tell her an old geeza that doesn't exist came into our house to put them there?!?!?! Is there any point to this, the truth will out some day and that will be a bigger disappointment to her than knowing the truth all along...

What do you think...truth or pretend? xoxox


  • I don't really know.
    Ollie has never seen santa - not that we've taken him to see anyway.

    I can see where you're coming from but ~i honestly don't know what I would do.
    If he didnt believe in Santa and blurted it out he could spoil other kids beliefs if they were taught to think he was real, so you would have to make sure they understood that other children might believe in him and not to spoil it for them.
    But then there is the disappointment of finding out he isnt real.....

    Can i decide on this one when the time comes? image:lol:

  • Pretend!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's a lovely bit of magic, and lovely for children's imagination.

    Think about when she goes to nursery/school - all the other children will beleive - what would you do then!?

    And I think that children tend to find out once they're old enough to 'cope' with the truth.

    In my house all the stocking presents came from father christmas, then others from mummy etc. How about comprimising by doing that - then all the expensive ones can still come rom you!

  • Im with Loopy Loo you have to pretend!! I personally still believe in the old guy, its all a bit of Christmas magic. We will be saying that Hollys stocking is from us and her big presents are from santa.
    Someone I know has told her 3 year old that santa doesnt exist and I personally think its wrong. I loved the whole santa idea and then when it was questioned to if santa was real or not it was the whole is he isnt he thing. The wee boy never gets excited about Christmas coz he thinks santa isn't real, I find it very sad image
  • I agree with loopy loo, santa is fab lol. I believed in santa until I was 10...well I'd kinda twigged earlier, but I didn't *want* to admit it to myself isywim. My dad is very into the whole Father christmas thing & has never told me that santa didn't exist (my mum did...she hates the whole pretence thing!),in fact he probably thinks I still believe haha. We do the same as loopy loo in my family where some of the presents are from Father christmas and the rest are from family/ mum & dad etc etc....we will definitely be encouraging Gabe to believe! Also it's a great bribe for kids....from november onwards it's "You've got to be a good boy/girl or santa won't come" lol
  • I forgot about the 'magic' of bribing! lol

    And, if your going to tell the truth about Santa, what about other things like the tooth fairy?
  • i'm with everyone else i will be letting my children have the fun of knowing who santa is, all kids need to have some kind of magic in there lives.
    and also think about how other kids will treat them at nursery/school if they do not believe in santa, when all the rest of the kids do.
  • OMG no way you cant tell a little un that santa doesnt exsist!!!Put itv1 on at lunchtime and let her watch santaclaus the movie and watch her little eyes light up!
    My daughter is 4 in jan and only now understands who santa is and she loves him!
    On the other hand my son is 11 in april and still believes i tell him if he doesnt then theres 1 less prezzie each time he says it!!!!!
    For me christmas is a wonderful magical time and its probably my most favourite time of the year so let your little un have her little bit of childhood hun youll find it goes too soon anyway.x.Enjoy with your little girls.x.
  • Oh Clairemum2, Thank you for reminding me Santa clus the movie is on, I LOVE that film. Will put it on for my girls later. I'm with the other girls. You def have to pretend. I remember being in year 3 at school and our teacher at the time told us how tshe saw Santa one year. It really made us believe even more, the whole class was amazed! I think it's just magical. I remember being a bit dissapionted when I finally realised he was'nt real. All those years of magic thinking he was real were totally worth it tho!! We will be putting Mince pies and milk out for santa 2nite. My 4 year old is just so excited, we're even guna put a 'pretend' key under the mat so he can get in and leave the pressies for us!! I'm getting excited just thinking about it! x x x
  • Santa is tradition, just like the Tooth's that bit of magic that keeps us young!!!! Luke is 4 & is just getting into the whole 'Santa' girls r 7 & 8 and still believe.....I think it's one of those parts of childhood you never forget really. I loved waking Christmas morning and finding a stocking (well, pillowcase as my mum used to wrap everything up separately lol) and even when I was older my Santa gifts became stoking pressies that I was allowed to open as & when on Christmas morning - this was also a ploy to keep me in my room til about 7am so I didn't get my mum n dad up mega early and also the same thing we now do with our kids!!!!

    Christmas is a magical time of the year and just wouldn't be the same without Santa!!!
  • You've got to believe, if you don't then you won't get any pressies! I was up at 6am this morning and I'm so excited. We have a mixture of pressies from family and some from santa. I can't wait until James is older and we can put talc outside and on the stairs and walk boot marks in the talc to make it look like snow off santa's boots - as santa has checked he's asleep!! Mince pies for santa and carrots for the reindeers, oh and don't forget daddy's favourite tipple - I mean santa's!! xx
  • il be keeping the santa thing up,i think its lovely for kids!!thanx for reminding me about santa claus the movie!merry xmas everybody!!
  • You're all right - I don't know what I was thinking this morning...must have had a Scrooge episode! Ba Humbug!! lol Evie will be putting out some Brandy and Mince pie for Santa and carrots and water for the Reindeer!!! And before she goes to sleep we'll all look out her bedroom window to see if we can see him flying in his sleigh!!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! xoxoxox
  • I love the magic in the childrens eyes when they see santa, Alice is 4 this year and has been either not bothered or terrified of him every year, this year was the first year where I saw that magical sparkle in her eyes when she saw him, and it made my heart melt. Jacob is 12 so he doesnt believe any more but he loves keeping it alive for the younger ones, sometimes I think he feels a bit sad that the bit of magic is gone for him though. I love Christmas. Merry Christmas every one. xxxxxxx
  • I think its a magical idea them believing in Father Chrsitmas, and we intend to keep up the magic for as long as they will let us! My brother is 9 now, he'll be 10 in April, and I think this will be the last year he believes him! I think I was 10 when I stopped believing in him!! I'll let mine beleive in him for as long as poss!! We have a 2 sacks from us under the tree, and F.C has left a stocking each for them. Plus the presents from other people to us all are all loose under the tree!! We have so many presents there spilling half way across the dining room floor image

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