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Hello can anyone help me with this problem

Hello my name is beckie i have 3 children already and im due again in 7 weeks
ive been having some water leaking for a few days now i went to hospital and they said it
was nothing to worry about its not my waters but im now getting pains
i was wondering if any other mum to be has or did experience anythink like this
if so what was it as im getting really worried now thanks:\)

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  • hi i've not experienced this myself as i'm currently 29+3 with my first, but if ur worried and the hospital aren't being of much help then give ur midwife a call and she cld possibly do an internal examination to check if it is ur waters or if ur dilating at all, and if it is ur waters then if it is just ur hind waters.

  • hi there. this happened with my 4th baby. i was about 34 weeks and felt a pop, didn't think any thing of it really, but over the next few days i felt damp all the time and it smelt different to if i had leaked wee. i also started to get very mild period pains. so i went to hospital to get checked out. they did an acidity alkline test from the water that was gathering near my cervix and it turned out to be amniotic water, but just before this a midwife said to me that it would be wee but i was adamant that it wasn't as i felt different. then i had a scan to check the water levels and they came back as reduced. i was scanned every week to check baby was ok and eventually went in to labour at 38 weeks, had a great delivery.
    my advice is to trust your instincts and get checked out. hope all goes ok for you, good luck. xx
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