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I have a sweep question.....


As you all may know i have been in early labour for over a week now. Also my SPD has been crippling me since yesterday.
I phoned midwife today as i can hardly move, i know theres nothing she can do for it but thought id harrass her :lol:

Anyway.. She said when im at my midwife appmnt on Fri ive to discuss having a sweep with her image

BUT... She said that it may not work as this is my 1st pregnancy :\?

Has anyone has a successful sweep with their 1st baby? Ive never heard this before. Its totally worth a bash though eh?

Does it hurt and how soon after your sweep did your labour start? I want mine to start properly, not this pathetic early labour ive been having all week :cry:

I am gonna go off my head soon image

Sharon xxx


  • Hi hun, ive had 5 chidren but didnt have a sweep until i was overdue with the 4th. I had it done at lunch time and had my son in the evening! It only works if your cervix is favourable, yours should be as youve been in labour a few days already. It didnt hurt at all, just felt a bit weird! lol. I hope this gets things going for you after the last few days youve had. Good luck xxxx
  • it's totally worth a bash, but when i had a sweep with my eldest (7days late) i still needed to be induced (14 days late), i didn't need one with my dd as i went into spontaneous labour, and with my youngest i had an antenatal appt on my due date so my mw decided to try a sweep, started to have contractions in the supermarket that afternoon and gave birth in the early hours of the next day. it's uncomfortable, and havin spd will make the experience more uncomfortable!!! sorry i couldn't be more help hun, hope things progress soon xxxxx
  • Lily is my first (and only) baby. My midwife offered me a sweep at 39+4 and Lily arrived about 48 hours later.

    Oops, forgot to say it was painless, not even uncomfortable, really (the sweep, not the birth, unfortunately!)

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  • Oh wow!!

    Im liking what im seeing hehe

    I thought you would all say it would'nt work :lol:

    Just gotta convince the mw to do it now ;\)

    Fingers crossed xxx
  • Arghh website playing up again lol x
  • Id defo have one if the mw will let you as ive heard these do work alot of the time and they dont hurt, they can just be abit uncomfy.

    I heard another thing to induce labour naturally last night at my NCT class - altho not everyone will want to try it ..... nipple stimulation! i laughed when she told me! it has to b something like 10mins every hour but apparently its very effective to bring on contractions cos its something to do with stimulating your hormones and the womb.

    Im defo noting all these things to start trying about 37/38 weeks altho was told unless cervix is ripe nothing will work!!! but you are already dilating so all these things will hopefully do the trick for you at some point.

    Anna (34+5)
  • So if my cervix is already dilating then, i have a good chance of it working then? :\?

    I really hope so... :roll:


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  • hi. i had sweeps with baby no 3, 4 and 5 and they all worked to get me into labour with in 48 hrs. all the signs are good for you as your cervix ia already dilated. good luck hope it all goes ok for you. xx
  • I got one with my 1st baby on the friday & the mw said that she didnt think my cervix was favourable but she wouldnt rule out her arriving before the monday (when she was coming back to do another one) I woke up with pains on the sunday morning & Amy was born in the early hours of monday morning

    I wouldnt say it hurt but it was uncomfortable

    Hilary x
  • hey i had 2 sweeps but within 5 hours as i was induced and they wanted him out quick, then i had a pessary and he was out in 4 hours lol image
    good luck mine didnt hurt as i was having contractions anyway
  • Hi hon,
    I had 3 sweeps with my 1st and they didn't wprk, but my cervix wasn't in the slightest bit favourable before. It hurt like hell, but again only because my cervix wasn't favourable. You've been labouring away for days now-albeit early labour-so I'd say you'll def have a favourable cervix! The more relaxed you are, the easier it'll be as well. Best of luck xxx
  • Oh you all have positive stories image

    Looking forward to 2moro, hopefully midwife agrees!

    Sharon xx

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