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Heading away for the weekend

Me, Ray and Kara are all heading away for the weekend tonight. We are heading to Dublin which will take us about 3 hours to get there. Ray is going to the UFC tomorrow night so we are all going down and going to stay with my cousin. I am looking forward to it although I have still so mcuh to organise and shouldn't be sitting on this. Kara is sleeping though and I am waiting for her to waken for her dinner which she would need to hurry up. We are going to give Kara her supper about 8 then go as she will sleep the whole way as it is her bed time.

Hoping to go to the Zoo tomorrow morning if it is not raining so fingers crossed its not because I would say Kara would love it.

I will chat to you all on Sunday.


  • Update - Kara is running a temp so I have decided to wait until the morning to see how she is and then decide whether to go or not. If she is the same my husband and his friend will go on and me and Kara will stay at home. Typical when you are looking forward to something but children come first.
  • Oh no! The best laid plans and all that!
    Hope Kara's not feeling bad with the temp. Gracie's had a high temp on and off since Tues but is mainly ok in herself, if a bit whingy. I just give her Nurofen to keep it down and she's been ok so hope that it goes soon, for Kara too.
  • Hope she's ok and that you manage to go on your little trip!
  • I hope she is ok hun, if you go to dublin you will only be an hour and half drive from me! i hope Kara is ok, how are her sugar levels lately? x
  • Thats right Diane I won't be too far away. You live so close to Dublin. Kara's temp has settled down but her sugars are really high tonight for some reason. I think though it is all to do with decreasing her insulin during the week. I have to increase it in the morning by half a unit and see. In general though her sugars are steady enough and she is great and in great form all the time. Fingers crossed I get away in the monring but will just have to see what happens,
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