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Getting scared now!UPDATE!

Hi all, as you know my little boy is profoundly deaf so is undergoing lots of tests to try and discover causes and check that there isnt any hidden reason behind it.

Anyhow he has his mri on Wednesday and i am starting to get very scared about it all, as he has to be put out under a general. We have to starve him from 6 hours before and can only have water up to 2 hours before.We then wont know how long we have to wait for the results as we are not due to see his consultant again til march. I am just getting very scared about how he is going to be with it all. Even though this is just the start for us as he is due to have an operation around his first birthday, for cochlear implants which also sounds very scary and is a four hour op!.

Wow i feel slightly better actually writing down how i feel, as when i am around the kids i dont like them to see me worried so have been bottling it up.

Sorry for rambling I think i just needed to get it all out. xxxx

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  • Of course you're worried- it's natural.
    Good Luck for Wednesday xxx
  • Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. He will be absolutely fine and I'll bet the worst bit is actually the hungry hours before the mri. The actual mri will be fine. I had one a coupld of years ago and although I didn't have to be anaethetised (sp) it was over pretty quickly etc. Good luck. S x
  • hey,

    it will probably be worse for you than itis for him as he is so young he wont know any different.

    it's natural to worry as it's part of our job description

    hope it goes well

    lisa and lou
  • just wont wish you good hope it goes well sending big hungs
    from carrie faith
  • Lots of luck for Wednesday and I hope you don't have to wait long for the results.
    Take care and let us know how you got on. Big hugs to George too.
  • Oh Love! Not surprised your feeling a bit scared, but take some comfort in that they must do this sort of thing frequently so they are well practiced.. Poor George not having to eat.. & you cause you are his mummy and of course you are worried.. it is natural! You've always got us to come and share how your feeling with.. & I'll be thinking of you both loads! xxx
  • hun, Im glad youve come on and posted this, it helps to talk things over. I hope everything goes to plan on Weds, I will be thinking of you all.
    Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the results. Bigs hugs hun and you know where to find me if you wana talk ne time. Love Sarah and girls x x x
  • Good Luck for Wednesday. I hope everything goes ok for you all. Let us know how you get on hon.

  • good luck for wednesday hun, hope all goes well
  • Hi hun, good luck for wednesday. The fasting isnt much fun but doesnt last for long. My 5 year old, Abby, had to have open heart surgery at 6 weeks old and couldnt have milk 8 hours before the surgery, it was really difficult as she was feeding 2 hourly but you'll get through it all fine.
    Hope all goes well.
  • Hi all, many thanks for your replies!!

    George was a very good boy yesterday he fell asleep just before he was due to go in as he was soo hungry!! So was really easy to give him the general as it was just a mask by his face and we all knew when he went as he went so limp in his dads arms! We then laid him on the bed and had to leave him.

    The hospital were fantastic as the audiology team were there for the mri and whilst he was under performed more tests on his ears so it would have been a better result, as all the other tests we have had to rock him to sleep and that was hard! He also had more blood tests done and another ecg. So we were really pleased how they got everything done on one day and the communicatoin between the different departments was amazing we was only expecting the mri!

    Anyway he was under for around 2 hours in the end and then we finally got taken down to recovery to get him and he was still sleepy but having some water and then we gave him his milk which was gone withing seconds!! It took him a while to get with it and was grumpy bless him and he had his canular taken out of his arm and then we went home.

    George has been fine since very chirpy! And guess what he slept all night til 7am!! FIRST TIME EVER!!!

    Its just a case of waiting for results now we dont see his consultant now until the 17th march but we can ring in a couple of weeks for the results!

    Thanks all again I am just so glad its all over with now!! xxxxx
  • Thanks for letting us know you had a reasonable day. It's nice to know that they nhs can work together well when they want to!!

    Fingers crossed for good results for you. Don't know if it's possible but try and get some information now on who you can contact in the event that the test results throw up something you aren't expecting. It will be easier knowing in advance who you can turn to if you have urgent questions or concerns that you don't want to leave until March.

    Enjoy the sleep while you can image
  • bless him sending big hugs to you all faith got her test over the next 8 week hope she will good and back consultant 9 week hope test all goes well for him
  • Hi,
    I'm glad it all went well... the sleep after was fantastic-bet it had been a big day for him!!

    Hope you get the answers you need from these tests!!

    Lydia xx
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