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FAO Sawyer fans

Ten minutes til hes on!!

Woop wooop - one of the sexiest men on tv is BACK!!

Getting myself excitable but dont want to run around the house and upset the DH so am letting my pure joy out on here!!!!!!!!!!!


yes yes yes



  • i wish i had sky

  • Lol! Well i'm watching supernatural instead, but for the same motives as sam and dean are yummy. xxx
  • I downloaded the two episodes and watched them on fri night!all I will say is you will enjoy the episodes,he is topless in nearly every shot lol x
  • omg i forgot about supernatural!!

    benjismummy, where can you download Lost from?

    [Modified by: Mum0f2 on January 25, 2009 09:14 PM]

  • I just saw - 1st shot, no shirt!! Can barely contain myself thank you for telling me I hafe another 2 hours of this glorious vision!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LOL Tommysmum,enjoy yourself i certainly did!!!!!!infact just turned it on to have a 2nd look lol.

    Mum0f2-I use mininova to download films and lost/ will need to install something like bitcomet to enable you to download.
    I'm still not sure just what the hell is going on but Sawyer gets me through everytime haha
  • Right - I have no idea what is going on, I am totally confused about what the hell is going on but tbh it doesnt matter because Sawyer still has no shirt on.
  • thanks, how do i know which one to download, i've put in Lost S5 E1 but it's come up with loads!

    Sorry for invading your thread Lee

    x x
  • No problem whatsoever hon - cant have anyone missing out on the perfection that is Sawyer lol
  • mmm sawyer!!! lol. xxx
  • Mum0f2 Hi Im pretty sure any of them will be ok to download.sorry didnt get back sooner was watching a film x
  • oh sawyer is yuminyyumyum! Oh was going on last night about how sawyer is getting fat! i said shut up or leave!! haha!
    Rebecca, we taped supernatural, was it good? cant even watch it tonight cos Mr Bauer is on!!
  • they were to good episodes but i think by the end i was more confused than ever lol x
  • Listef, I found it a bit confusing as was trying to do food for hubby at the same time during the first episode, but it was good. Got to grips with it in the end. Lol at Mr Bauer, will be glued to him too, then csi tomorrow night for nick stokes, mmm. xxx
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