To all the Mums 2B currently working full time

I normally work 30 hours but have come back full time for a few months to boost my early maternity pay. To calculate part time wage take your full time salary (say ??20,000) divide by your standard full time hours (in your case say 36.5) and then multiply by the hours you would like to do (say 20) so:

20,000 \ 36.5 x 20 = ??10,959 per annum GROSS

if you get paid monthly that's ??913 per month before tax, national insurance etc.

or ??210 per week if you get paid weekly.

Just a rough guide, but should give you an idea.


  • I work 37.5 hours and am hoping to come back part time for 3 reasons - childcare will be cheaper part time, they do tend to say the less you earn the better off you are as can claim more benefits, and most importantly I dont want someone else spending more time with my baby than me! Might sound silly but me and OH both feel the same way and would prefer not to have our baby in full time care. It really is a decision thats different for everyone though as we all have different preferences


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