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growning up milk?

Hi ladies!
Im just wondering if anyone else uses formular milk for there los past 1yr we went from hungry baby milk to follow on at 7 months now we have changed to growing up milk as i feel that harri will benefit from the vitamins ect. he doesnt always eat very well so as long as hes having his 2 bottles a day i know hes getting some vitamins,iron and calories in him plus he is really not keen on drinking cows milk from a bottle or cup. does anyone else still use baby milk?
kiea xxxx


  • Ellie stopped all formula at 12 months but this was her own choice as she refused all bottles but she eats everything except eggs so has a great diet and im sure she is getting all her vits and minerals etc but i also give her abidix [sp?] vitamins for babyes and toddlers incase and she just has cows milk. If he likes the milk then i wouldnt worry cause as you say he is gettign extra vitamins. xxx
  • We are still giving cole aptamil 1 morning & night - follow on doesn't agree with him. he's doing ok on cows milk in the afternoon (bottle..not cup - he'll only drink chcolate milkshake from the cup!) and i had planned to switch the evening bottle to cows milk but not while he's been poorly.

    Gonna keep giving him formula in the mornings though cuase its easier at 4am lol.

    Have you thought about baby vitamins if you are worried about him not getting enough good stuff/
  • Haydens 13months and we give him cow and gate growing up toddler milk, he still wakes up for a feed in the night though so using the ready made ones is easier
  • Lily's almost 16 months and has aptamil follow on milk. She just won't take to cow's milk.

  • hiya,sam is 17 months,he drinks cows milk during the day but he still has a bottle of cow and gate good night milk before bed.
  • Im not to overly worried about his vitamins its just that he really wont take very much cows milk. We are using aptimil growing up milk 1yr+ he seems to love it. thanks for your opinions ladies! xxx
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