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any1 suffer from trapped wind ahhhhh??

Hey all any1 else get this, cuz as iv noticed it can be bloddy painfull, i know its trapped wind as its usualy in sides and is a diff feeling to usual belly ache, plus baba kicking like mad, i also suffer with sum ibs so sure this dont help but just wondered if theres any fellow sufferers and if any1 has tips to ease it wen it occurs? XXXXXXXXX:roll:

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  • hey, sorry i dont have any tips as im the opposite and cant stop bloody fartin at the mo, but i hope it gets better for you real soon as it must be horrible xx
  • hi hon, peppermint or fennel tea is great for trapped wind and indigestion too hope it eases! x
  • yeah mint is really good, so polos or a mint sweet i think should help.
  • I suffer really badly from this even when I'm not pregnant and it can be really bloody painful. Peppermint tea is great as Ames123 said, or I usually boil some water, let it cool a bit and then sip it. Dunno why but it really works! Hope you feel better xxx
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