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wouldn't it be nice...

to have one huuuuuge BE get together, completely unpractical i know but a nice thought! :lol:


  • Yes! I think I would get totally confused though and call everyone by their BE name...
    I cant wait for the west mids meet on the 9th! eeek! xx
  • that sounds good to me. it would be so much
  • woohoo Katie!!!! Okay I'll bring lots of cake! anyone else wana join the party? hehe.xx

    (do you think your oh would have a fit at seeing all us yummy mummies and little ones turning up? hehe!)
  • Its so lovely that you all meet up from time to timeimage I dont drive and dont seem to live close to any of the cities the meetings are but would love to make it one day, i heard about slatterys cake like million times so it must be soooo gorgeous x
  • oh yeah i bet we could enter the guiness book of records for largest ever coffee morning!! x
  • oooh ill bring cake! i make a mean choc fudge cake and a mega choc cake without flour!
  • Hey - mention of Party and of Cake!!!

    Count me in !!!!!
  • And me! We should have done a BE xmas party, invitation only so no weirdos...well except for us anyway. xxx
  • What a fantastic idea though.

    With enough planning who knows, anything is possible!!

  • Would it be worth mentioning to Prima baby - getting a bit of publicity for their mag and getting them to organise and cover it????

    Wow - from little acorns, big oak trees grow!!!

    Best I go to bed now - quoting stuff that isnt even relevant think the brain is going!
  • Ooooo this sounds good. Count me in!!! Wish i hadnt read it though cos now i really want a piece of cake.
  • oooo count me in i could bring lots of cakes & biscuits ooo and chocolate brownies lol (homemade of course) xxx
  • how great would that be!!! i was gonna meet up with the sheffield girls but cant coz im skint now, oh being made redunt soon! and i dont drive image and i know jayden 8 mounths but the thought of taking jay on a bus scares the hell outta me! he will be screaming all the way and wriggling to get down!! lol
  • Ooooo, can i come, i'll bring some wine! x
  • Cake did anyone mention cake, im putting on the pounds just at the mention of word. Love the ideas though lkets all email be about it.
  • Seriously I think that's a fantastic idea! I reckon we could get Prima to pay and they could do loads of articles from it, hair, clothes and make up for Mums to be, busy Mums, Mums going back to work and other articles like that.
    They could get experts down to solve our problems and we could give advice from our point of view-as experts ourselves!!
    Agree it should be in the middle of the country just to be practical! Could be like when Richard and Judy did their fancy wine thing in a big country house.
    Oooohhh what a grand idea love it! Will bring home made scones (well when I've managed to crack the recipe!) enough for everyone!xx
  • yeah it would but we are all spread so far apart lol x
  • Oooh I'd make a weekend of it and stay in a nice hotel and obviously would have won the Lottery the week before!! x
  • loving the idea girlies!! hehe - Katie d'ya reckon you could squeeze all of us in you're two bedrooms, hehe! We wouldn't make too much noise! (could you imagine all those night feeds - eek!)
  • oooo it sounds so fun lets all email be xxxx
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