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There is still Hope

Not sure if this will help anybody but for all you ladies that have experienced recurrent miscarriages my heart goes out to you all, and I hope that you are all blessed with your very own little angel that will be here to stay. Good luck to all of you that have lost that one special thing that is so personal to you and your husbands ect... lets hope this year is your year good luck and fingers crossed for you all.

Drug 'Ends Miscarriage Misery'

Thousands of women could be spared the misery of repeat miscarriages with a pill costing just ??1 a month.

The pill could bring joy to thousands of mothers

Experts say a common steroid pill, used for asthma and allergies, vastly cuts the risk of losing a baby.

Research suggests that a third of unexplained miscarriages may be caused by an overactive immune system.

The pill works by curbing the immune response to protect the unborn baby in the crucial early weeks of pregnancy.

The findings give hope to around 9,000 women who have unexplained miscarriages each year in Britain.

The drug is still in its early days but British scientists are hoping to begin a clinical trial before the end of the year.

In preliminary trials, around three-quarters of women who had a history of miscarriages had successful pregnancies after taking the steriod.

Researcher Dr Siobhan Quenby also hopes to develop a test that could screen women for miscarriage risk before they become pregnant.

This would replace the barrage of tests women currently have to face to determine what caused them to lose a baby.

It is a matter of life and death.

Dr Quenby

"There are thousands of people who are desperate because they keep miscarrying and there's no treatment. I am inundated with emails from women and there is a massive, desperate need."

Dr Quenby has previously shown that a third of women who suffer recurrent miscarriages have an abnormally high number of 'natural killer' cells in their uterus which destroy viruses and infected cells.

Prednisolone's side effects include mood swings and increased appetite.

However, most women would only need to take it for three months.


  • Hi Cheetara

    Thank you SO much for sharing this with us and for your kind words also.

    I have just had my 3rd mc in 6 months and we are currently undergoing tests but they have said that only 8 -9% of couples get an answer from these tests.

    I am going to print this article out and take it with me when we see the consultant (not for about 3 months yet once results are back) - it's another piece of info I can arm myself with if all the results do come back negative.

    It's also really interesting because I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2000 and some doctors believe that these 'natural killer cells' may have something to do with ME too.

    Thanks again :\) NN xx
  • Hi NN, Sorry for the last 6 months being so hard for you. I hope the next 3 months fly by and that you are the one of thoses 8-9% that get the results you so desperatly need.
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