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does any1 else need to get a donor egg to concieve?? xxx

hello every1 im a newbie image
im 23 and i have primary ovarian failure ........ and me and my fiance have the inital app at the fertility clinic and just wondered if any1 is in the same boat and could let us know what they do and what happns ? because they know whats up that should mean the whole thing will be faster ....right ?? :\?
we will obviously have to wait on a match but im just not sure what else they do ........ can any1 help ??

good luck girlies image


  • sorry i can not offer any advice but i kind of know how you are feeling. i can not carry a baby myself and we are having to use a surrogate, but at one time we were thinking egg donars and ivf with a surro, but now we are going through a traditional surrogacy, and we are 21 weeks. so if it can happen for me i know it will happen for you. good luck for the future and i hope you get your egg donor soon. take care hun. xxx
  • thank you xxx
    good luck with your surrogate image
    iv never spoken to any1 who is using a is it going ?
    take care xxx
  • Hey In love with love and first timer

    I have just had ICSI - IVF but with my own eggs so sorry no experience of trying to obtain donors.
    I wish you all the very very best and would be happy to help if you wanted to chat about the treatment
  • hey jj
    how u getting on with your ivf ? im new wit the lingo haha whats ICSI ? what do they do on the first appointment ? im really scared actually as my fiance is in the navy and i will be here all the time on my own ....what if hes not here when its the time to go in to start it all off u think they would freeze his "wee men" lol just incase he is at sea....
    take care hope your well xx
  • Hi InLoveWithLove!
    I'm sorry to hear you have ovarian failure, I hope you get on well with your appointment. I've just had some blood testc done and found that my FSH is really high, which probably means that my ovaries are not working properly either and that I have low 'ovarian reserve'. I've been reading round on the internet and egg donation seems to come up quite alot. I've got a consultant appt on Monday, so I may be in the same boat as you!
    Please let me know how you get on with your appointmwent coming up
    H x
  • hello evry1 ,... we went to our appointment and were told as no1 is donating eggs in this country because of the law (its not anonomous in this country) my doc said we should go to barcalona, spain to get treatment as we probobly wont get to the end of the waiting list in this country do have to pay but there are no waiting lists and its anonomous you only need to go to barcalona twice ! im really happy that we dont have to wait on waiting lists not knowing when we wil get the chance to be parents...i cant wait to be honest ...i feel like theres a light at the end of the tunnel and we can now relax and enjoy each other and save for the treatment ....... hope your al getting on well with your treatment image xx
  • Hi love,

    I don't know much about the changes in law for doner eggs, but if your self funding IVF etc could you ask your fertiltiy clinic whether they had anyone on their books already doing IVF with their own egg who would be willing to donate any "spare eggs".

    We've been looking at this if we have to go down that route as by donating eggs during your own process you can reduce your IVF costs.

    Just a thought.
  • Hi ILWL, pleased that you now have plans to go to Barcelona.
    I'm 40 and ttc via diy donor artificial insemination but I don't what quality my eggs are and am wondering about my options-going abroad and using donor eggs might be one of them. So very nosily I am wondering how much you will be paying. I fully understand that you may not want to put it on here but if you would email me that would be great.
    If you'd rather not I understand.
    Good luck with your treatment, I hope you are sucessful on your first go.
  • hey every1 , were on the nhs waiting list at the moment but they said there is very little chance that we will ever get to the end of the waiting list as no1 is donating but you can jump the list a bit if you have your own donor (family member or friend ) but we dont hav that option unfortunatly so this is our only chance .... its going to cost around ??6500-??7000 and on top of that you need to go to barcalona twice which is no big deal(who can complain with sun beating down on them ) .... thats the clinic in barcalona if you want to have a look and see...they also do a personal quote whitch they send to you in an email which is good to !!
    good luck with everything girls x
  • hello ILWL just wanted to say hello and welcome and all the best of luck to you. When do you think yo uwill be going to barcenlona then? Really hope you get your BFP when you go

    All th best chick xx

    Oh re freezing of the swimmers I think they can do that no bother so as long as he deposits and they deep freeze quick enough it should be ok (I think!!!!)
  • Hi hon, wishing you lots of luck, I really hope it goes well for you.

    It's such a shame about the change in law in this country that has put almost a stop to women donating eggs.... they really should review that.... wonder if there's a petition to sign...?!

    I understand the ethics involved in the child having a right to know but ultimately they'll be no children made this way if they don't.

    Keep us posted and there's loads of great ladies to offer any support you need, especially if Hubby's away.

    OP xx
  • Hello In love with love

    Just a positive little snippet one of my colleagues very good friends was treated in Barcelona and guess what .... it worked.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world
    PS my IVF went very well but we lost our first baby in the first trimester. Feeling ok now and have started our second round.
  • I was treated in the Czech Republic, Prague- Gynem clinic,and I am very happy I did it after giving it lots of thoughts. I have a baby boy, who looks a bit like me (I wish to think so but I could choose the donor based on my preferences so there is some kind of resemblanceimage and even though this is a difficult, especially emotionally difficult journey to take, I am very happy that I did it. Also, if you are thinking of going abroad, I definitely recommend this clinic (, they were real professionals, very helpful during the whole process.

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